Quiet Sunday

What a way to start a Sunday. A mid morning brunch with Pat & Sue. A division of tasks and provisions was organised and set in place. I had made hamburger buns yesterday and had a few left over so they were toasted to provide the base for the bacon, poached eggs and asparagus that Sue provided, then this was all dolloped with warm, freshly made hollandaise sauce. To accompany this, we opened a bottle of bubbly; a Hunters Miru Miru of 1995 vintage topped with a bit of freshly squeezed Kerikeri orange juice whilst we toasted our good fortune to be living such a great life.

Pat & Sue ready to start.

A great way to start the week, or finish the week, depending on which view you take, sitting out in the warm sunshine, by the beach with great company, eating great food.

What made this Sunday particularly quiet is that I, Bernice, have lost my voice! Thanks to Roy for kindly sharing his bugs with me, I woke with a sore throat and no voice this morning. Oh well, I am sure it will return eventually to annoy all and sundry.


One Response to “Quiet Sunday”

  1. Brian C. Says:

    It sounds like Heaven – The Brunch I mean.

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