Maitai to Tapotupotu

About time we backtracked slightly to have a bit of a general catch up. We left Maitai bay on 15th October for a one night stay in Kaitaia before heading up to Tapotupotu. In Kaitaia we filled both the petrol & water tanks, topped up the LPG, emptied the waste tanks, filled the fridge and pantry, and got the last of our phone and Internet reception as there is no internet or cell phone coverage from here on up.

Farewell Maitai Bay, we will return!

20131102-170442.jpgLooking across Maitai Bay

Sue & Pat went on ahead of us as Roy had some work to complete which required Internet access, hence we remained in Kaitaia until that was done, we managed to get away by late afternoon to arrive at Tapotupotu in time for late drinks. We set ourselves up and for the following week spent glorious days fishing, walking, enjoying the sun, wandering and talking to the numerous tourists and locals.

20131102-171438.jpgall settled in

It seems that it’s the norm around these parts to have variations of spelling of place names and Tapotupotu/Taputaputa is no different.

20131102-171142.jpg sign at the beach

20131102-171154.jpgsign at the main road turnoff.
Apparently the locals agree to disagree on spelling with pronunciation variations between local iwi accounting for the difference….well, that’s according to the explanation given to us by the local DOC officer.

Another day, Pat & Sue go for a walk over the hills…..someone had to stay behind to take photos of their climb so I volunteered. The top of this peak is their aim,

20131102-171347.jpg and here they are close up…

20131102-171418.jpgyes, they made it up over the hill, this is part of the 8 1/2hr walk to Spirits Bay, which we saw a number of people head off to do.

We spent many a day fishing, although not a lot of catching went on apart from the one that I swapped for a coffee, however we also managed to fit in a few day trips to nearby points.

The first point of call was back to Cape Reinga to the lighthouse, this time to watch the sun set.

We sat and watched the sun slowly sink into the ocean, bidding it farewell and sending it on its journey to say ” good morning Alex!” in London.

Another day a trip to the Te paki sand dunes were in order. These are huge sand dunes that you can toboggan down, after climbing up of course.

Sue crawling her way to the top.


After a fabulous week at Taputaputa we decide its time to move on over to Spirits Bay, particularly as the coming weekend is Labour Weekend (Monday is a public holiday). We are told that Spirits Bay will be quieter and is a much larger camp, and the fishing is purportedly better. We shall see.


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