Spirits Bay

The road into Spirits Bay is 12kms off the main road along winding narrow gravel road but once there we made a quick recce around the large camp site and chose what we thought were good places with a bit of shelter from any wind. The camp is bordered by a stream and is located at the eastern end of the long beach at Kapowairua.

To give you a better idea of where we have been hanging out over the past few weeks….


We stayed here at Spirits Bays for the next two weeks, enjoying the amazing weather. In fact we have been wishing for rain so that we can test out the latest version of our water capturing systems. In the mean time, we have been fishing a plenty, on the island off the rocks and off the beach at Spirits Bay. We made a day trip to Paua and tried our luck off the wharf there, and although we caught a couple of tiddlers between us, the only thing we all caught was a good dose of sun burn! Another day and we went to Te Hapua for fishing as we had been told the fishing was good there. The fishing was good for Sue as she was the only one to catch anything, she caught two good sized black snapper which we took home and made a lovely meal using a recipe from this weeks Listener magazine of marinated fish with a salad of soba noodles asparagus and orange. Delicious.

20131105-142927.jpg from above the camp ground looking east

20131105-143015.jpgLooking west to Cape Reinga

Above the campground is a small cemetery and a canon. The story goes that the canon was given to a local chief in the early 1800’s who then proceeded to drag it from settlement to settlement and used it to terrorize locals. It then has a checkered history and was in private hands until it was recently returned to overlook the bay.


And this is how local cart two vehicles along behind them, on two trailers of course!


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