One member of the touring party had a birthday today, in fact it was the youngest members turn to add another year. The day started VERY early indeed, with a 3am wakeup call to watch the All Blacks play Ireland for their final match of the year, and what a nail biting game it was. I did manage to sneak in a couple of hours sleep after the game before getting up for the day ahead. Presents and cards opened, birthday wishes from fellow campers along with emails, texts and phone calls, I was made to feel very special by all. Roy and I along with Pat & Sue went out for a very pleasant lunch at Karikari Winery where we managed to wile away most of the afternoon. I would have included a photo here of us having lunch, but I forgot to take any pics, you will have to take my word for it that we dressed for the occasion and had a lovely meal.

To top off the day, Pat & Sue gave me a set of figures, knights to be exact, complete with weaponry.


You may think that that is a weird kind of a present, but it’s not really. It all started when I discovered a site on the web about parents who wanted to fuel their children’s imaginations by “playing” with the children’s plastic toy dinosaurs at night so that the children believe that the dinosaurs come to life while the children sleep! You can read all about it here I have thought that it is such a great idea that I have passed it on to a number of people. Pat & Sue thought that I may like to have some fun with knights, rather than dinosaurs…..ok, so they got sick of me coming up with different scenarios and telling them about my silly ideas, so here I go! just wait until you see what these naughty knights get up to in the night!!!


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