Another week of knights

Another week, and the knights have been busy this week.

20131209-102343.jpgShowing their artistic streak.

20131209-104844.jpgThis was a one knight stand

20131209-104919.jpgAnother night they went Knight clubbing

20131209-104936.jpgA knight off

20131209-104954.jpgThey obviously got hungry and so headed to the fridge for a Midknight snack

20131209-105015.jpgMaking their pilgrimage to see the baby Jesus

20131209-105043.jpgDoing what knights do….pillaging the gifts from the three wise men

20131209-105102.jpgWith halo and song sheet, they caroled Silent Knight.


2 Responses to “Another week of knights”

  1. Stuart Park (@gaspy1) Says:

    Which one is Sir Punalot?

  2. Ian barbour Says:

    Hi you two. Just thought I would share a hobby interest!
    Opps cannot work out how to attach a photo so will send you a separate email.

    We have been in Nelson for a few weeks for a wedding. We are heading home to Waikanae for Christmas.


    Ian Barbour

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