and back to Kaitaia


But just before we get to there a couple of photos that were missed at some stage.

Remember the Ratana church at Te Hapua? Well the more commonly photographed one is probably this one which is alongside SH1 at Te Kao.  The gate again shows the symbol of the church and the towers and design of the church are generic.

1 symbol2 teKao

OK now we are up to date and finally back in Kaitaia (this is mid November now!).  We stayed a night at the RSA did our shopping to replenish the larder.  At the same time we made an appointment with a welding company to have one of our lockers repaired.  Oh, I probably did not mention that some days ago I was getting the barbeque out of the locker and noticed that it seemed to be at a strange angle.  The whole locker interior appeared to be leaning back and down away from the side of the van.  On investigation the screws holding the locker to to the floor of the van had parted company with the floor and the extra weight had ripped some of the screws out of the body of the van.   With Pat’s aid the locker was strapped back in place  using some strong ratchet tie-downs, except these were tying up.  This held well, but it was time for a permanent repair.  So we were booked in for a fix in two days.

Next morning we were about to go and dump and generally clean up before the locker work but then we found we had a flat tyre.  There was a tyre shop within walking distance so after an hour or so their truck turned up and a very competent young guy set about changing our tyre to our spare.    The tyre that had been flat could not be repaired so we had to buy a new one which had to be ordered.  We were to come back when they had received the tyre. This would not be too much of a problem as we were only heading as far as Matai Bay for the next couple of weeks.

Next day off to the welding shop for an hour or two, turned into four, but finally all fixed at 2pm,  Then get a call from the tyre shop to say our tyre had arrived,  A quick trip and an empty wallet later and we were underway to catch up with Pat and Sue who had gone on ahead ahead.

Finally we arrive at Maitai Bay and managed to park in our favourite spot.

11 maitai13 batter day

Next day Bernice and I went to see our friends John and Margaret who were parked at Ramp Road.  Left Matai Bay on a fine morning and spent a part of the afternoon with them.  Then it started to rain lightly so we went home.  As we got closer to Maitai Bay the harder it rained until finally we were greeted by the unusual sight of the camp ground flooded below us and what was a ditch filled to overflowing with water.

12 rain

And then it was Sunday, so the usual brunch ensued, this time Hash Browns, slow roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs and bacon.  All washed down with bubby of course.

15 breakfast16 breakfast

That night we all went fishing, including John and Margaret who had come to join us at Maitai Bay.  Finally we had some luck and managed to catch a couple of snapper.

17 fish19 fish

The following afternoon there was much excitement in the Bay as a couple of sharks turned up cruising very close to the waters edge.  One of them, about three metres long, remained for more that an hour cruising up and down and occasionally chasing some kind of fish into the shallows where it tended to ground itself and have to thrash to get off again.  After much discussion and reference to brother John it was decided that it was a bronze whaler.    This was based on colour and tail configuration.  The photo is poor as for some reason the camera decided to have a hissy fit.

21 shark

But that evening we dined on snapper, well cooked by Bernice supervised by Margaret and Pat, with Sue in doing all the hard work in the background.  This was Snapper with Tomatoes, orange and avocado and a delicious dressing

23 supervised24 dinner

Next day John and Margaret left for a trip up to the Cape and we left to go to Kaitaia to restock and then go to Kerikeri.


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