Uretiti to Ardmore

Finally almost caught up to date with the blogs.

Oh dear, a serious omission has occurred.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to include a photo of considerable importance.

Herewith the omission is remedied.

Bernice’s birthday cake presented by Marj and Brian.

9 birthday

And just to prove the lengths to which one goes to get internet reception here is Roy in his outdoor office where reception was possible.

9 office

And another slight glitch in the world of glitches that seems to have been our lot lately.  We were leaving Whangaruru North to go to Uretiti.  So the night before we packed ready for an early start.  All well and good.  In the morning Bernice went off to do some laundry while Roy packed the last and moved the motorhome  to let Pat and Sue move theirs.

On trying to exit the said vehicle Roy found that the door mechanism no longer worked and he was locked in.  No amount of pushing and pulling of levers, turning of keys, passed out the window could free the mechanism.  So Pat crawled in through the window and with assistance from Sue as runner, to scrounge equipment, attempts were made to free the lock.    In the end the internal cover plate was removed and the lock drilled out to free the bolt which had broken but would not release back out of the plate.  Below is a picture of the offending lock drilled.

Oh and how did we manage to get to Uretiti with the lock in this condition.  Well luckily there is a deadlock within the same mechanism and we were able to operate this notwithstanding the damage to the rest of the lock.

1 lock

We were able to replace the lock at Whangarei on our way through and fit it at Uretiti when we parked.

Settled in Uretiti it was time for brunch once again.  The photo below is supposed to show us all together and brunch but we had not served when a convenient passer by was asked to take the photo.  Brunch consisted of croissants with smoked salmon and tomato with a dressing of cream cheese, capers and chives and, of course, the obligatory bubbles.

2  brunch

When we were here last in August the path to the beach had been substantially buried in sand.  You can see the photos in a previous post from back then.  Now the problem has been solved with the path being metalled over the encroaching sand and the posts extended.  the posts were extended by the simple expedient of splicing a new length of post on to the old.   So I guess this will continue and it will be interesting to see how long the posts eventually become.

3 path4 path

And then for the final supper.  Pat and Sue were leaving Uretiti, some days before us, so we had our last meal together for a while, barbequed butterflied leg of lamb with harissa couscous, beetroot salad and a melon, cucumber, tomato and feta salad.  Delicious.

7 dinner8 dinner

And a great sunset to go.

5 sunset

Pat & Sue have left us now Sad smile as they head south for family Christmas in Rotorua  then onto Christchurch to sort out house/EQC/et al.   We have thoroughly enjoyed having them with us, sharing mostly good times as well as the odd hitch! There are not many people you can say you have been with for nearly 4 months and end up better friends than at the start.  We look forward to meeting up with them again to continue our travels and adventures, wherever that may be.

Then through the tunnel to the big smoke

6 tunnel

We are now safety parked at the NZ Motorhome Park at Ardmore Airport where we will be for the next week or so.


One Response to “Uretiti to Ardmore”

  1. Michael & Bernadette Parish Says:

    Sounds like you two are havin a great time we hope you have a merry Xmas and a great new year so until next time. cheers mike and Bernadette

    Bernadette & Michael. Sent from my iPad

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