Random Photos


Here are a few random photos, worth a look (well some are).  Those sent to us by Pat and Sue have the comments with which they were sent, thus showing how cruel friends can be from time to time!!!

(Pat) This was Roy fishing at Matata on a cool morning near the river mouth.

1 Matata

(Pat) Roy fishing at Matai Bay. Slightly wet as I recall, also something about wet arse and no fish springs to mind.

2 Karikari

(Pat) Enjoying a mediocre coffee at a tourist icon. Thankfully open for once!!

3 Bus Stop

The above comment remarks on the fact that we went past this place on numerous occasions over a period of three months or more and this was the first time we saw it open.

(Pat) Roy checking out the Te Paki sand dunes area or maybe he’s got his helicopter there and playing Desert Storm, or there’s a wet spot on the ground.

Te Paki

(Pat) I couldn’t decide if you were signalling that you had found 2 tua tua or something else, so I concluded you wouldn’t be rude and it must be tua tuas.

4 Whananaki

This photo was taken at Ramp Road and shows Brian with a dead sea snake that had been washed up on the beach.  This is apparently not an uncommon occurrence on some beaches in the far north.

5 Ramp Road

(Pat) An intense concentration was surely evident for this test flight.

6 Whangaruru

Beach near Whananaki where a small camp has been established on a farmer’s sea front paddock.

8 Whananaki

Fishing on Karikari beach at dusk.  From nearest Pat, Sue, John and Margaret.  Not one of the more successful expeditions!  However, we were visited by a pod of dolphins who put on a great display leaping out of the water and performing acrobatic stunts….none of which were caught on camera as the camera operator was intensely watching the display with awe.

6 karikari

(Pat) Final brunch at URETITI

7 uretiti

As a final note, yesterday we had out first Sunday brunch without Pat & Sue, but we did not eat alone.  No, we had a bacon & egg bap with parsley mayo and enjoyed it with the company of a few hundred strangers at the Clevedon Farmers Market. We can report that although the bap was delicious, the company (and location) was not as we are accustomed.  However, we did wonder what a certain section of the population were doing!


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