Around Auckland

Happy New year!

Although we have been in and around Auckland for a couple of weeks now, we have not ventured too far from our van base. Whilst at Ardmore we forgot to take any pictures of us parked up, slack I know. But we did manage to take a couple of pictures of a group of planes that were practicing flying in formation, again we missed the opportunity to take photos of them in formation but we did manage to take a few pics of them on the ground.




Between Christmas and New Year, we organized to host a BBQ at the van for Roy’s mates from his school days. The day dawned cloudy and windy with the weather forecast for it to become rather nasty later in the day. Oh dear, what are we going to do? Antony had offered us the use of his place in case of inclement weather, he lives just a few minutes from Ardmore so we made to decision to move. Everyone duly arrived at Antony’s, we had a lovely meal, then we spent the rest of the evening, talking, laughing and playing a few quizzes.



Estelle, Bernice and Janet were to meet up again the following day to head to the movies to see Philomena. A fantastic movie staring Judi Dench, which tells the true story of Philomena Lee’s 50-year-long search for her son. We can highly recommend this as a good movie to go and see.

In our usual fashion we saw the New Year in from the insides of our eyelids, not particularly exciting we know but we had had a full on day. New Years Eve, Roy went out for a days fishing with Bill P and Bill V out towards Waiheke island and although they had a good day out and lots of fish were caught, none were of a decent size to bring home. Meanwhile, I spent the day catching up with the laundry at Ants, then headed out to the shops before treating myself to a pedicure before heading back to the van to spend the afternoon sitting in the sun catching up with Jacky.

We thought it was about time we moved from our comfortable spot at Ardmore thus we headed off on New Years Day, travelling the huge distance to park at the Papakura Club, all of 10Kms away. But first we had to visit the dump station just 2kms away. Off in the rain we headed to Bruce Pullman park where we knew there was a fantastic dump station…..yes, we do rate dump stations!!…..however, when we arrived at the park, the gates were locked. Damn, a change of plan, so off to find the next dump station which was in Drury. That done, we found our way to the club and found a good spot to park.

Again we caught up with Ron & Janet, Bill & Estelle and Bill & Linda when they came to the Papakura club to join us for dinner on Thursday night. Friday and it was back to annoy Ants and use his washing machine, although I did earn my keep and ironed his shirts….all 17 of them! Saturday and we picked up Ants and headed into town to have lunch with Roy’s eldest son Simon and his wife Anita. It was good to catch up with them in between their busy work lives and tennis watching duties – Simon is chairman of the board of Auckland Tennis this year. A lovely time was spent with them before we headed off back to the van.

Saturday and we decide its time to move on, this time we are heading across Kaiaua way but first it’s back to the dump station where this time there are no locked gates.

From there it was onto the motorway, with a quick stop at the petrol station on the way before turning up at the Shellbank at Kaiaua where we are comfortably parked for a couple of days, with just a couple of other motorhomers!




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