The Seabird Coast

Parking at ‘Ray’s Rest’ north of Miranda, south of Kaiaua on the Firth of Thames, is always pleasant especially being so close to the sea, at full tide that is.  At low tide the mud flats stretch as far as the eye can see which provide great feeding for birds which is why it this area is called the Seabird Coast.  

3Parked by the sea!

Sunday afternoon and Bill & Estelle and Ron & Jan came to join us for a fish & chip lunch from the renown Kaiaua Fish shop.  Although the weather was not terribly pleasant, it was certainly warm with a very fine misty drizzle which just made it a very humid day.  But it did not deter us from a walk along the beach.  After lunch and a long natter, Roy & I joined Ron & Jan for a quick trip down to Ngatea to a blueberry farm.  We all bought a plentiful supply of the berries, most of mine are destined for the freezer for use later in the year,  as well as indulging in a fresh blueberry icecream.  Delicious.  

Whilst at Ray’s Rest we have been “Vannini-fishing” again.  That is to say, Roy goes off on one of his wanders and comes back with some fish kindly donated by fisherman!  This time we were given two lovely flounder and a snapper.  After our fish & chip lunch we were so full that we did not really need anything else to eat.  The snapper was filleted and put into the freezer for later, and the flounder are destined for our plates tomorrow evening. 

1Fish for dinner

Monday morning and it was time to pack up and move on, we had planned to head to Waharau Regional Park, just 13kms away.  However, we had a brief stop in Kaiaua (5kms away) and ended up staying at the Kaiaua Boat Club for a couple of nights.  The explanation for the stop in Kaiaua will be explained in a later blog entry!


Parked at the Boat Club (tide out)


Tide in and the view from across the inlet and boat ramp

A stunning spot for a couple of nights, tomorrow (Wednesday) we will head off again but in which direction we are not sure of as yet, it depends on the wind!

PS.  The flounder were deliciously sweet and tender.Yum!

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