Floundering in Kaiaua

We said in the previous post that we would explain our unscheduled stop when supposedly exiting Kaiaua. Whilst we were parked at. Ray’s Rest there were lots of people fishing with nets, we watched, we reaped some of their catch, it did not look hard. So on our way north we past a house that had a sign that said ‘Fishing Nets for sale’, so we thought there would be no harm in investigating. To cut a long story short, we are now the proud owners of a 26m flounder net. We also managed to procure an anchor and a buoy, with lots of instructions on what to do, how, the rules, and lots more information. We bought another anchor and fashioned another buoy using empty milk bottles, marked them with our name and phone number (who knew that naming them was a requirement).

The net is made from very fine filament and has a lead weighted line along the bottom with small floats interspersed along the top line. Hence we are back at ray’s Rest trying our hand at flounder fishing. We attached the anchors to each end of the net, affixed the buoys, then sought some experienced advice from others here fishing. A lovely couple came along and helped us set out our first net.

20140109-165159.jpgnet placed on sand ready for the tide to come in.

High tide was in the early hours of the morning, so we had to get up at 5.30am to check the nets. Now anyone who knows me really well will know how much I hate getting up in the mornings, especially at silly hours! But without a grizzle I was up and on the beach by 5.30am. Would our net still be there? Would we catch any fish?
Well, yes we can catch fish!! And here is the proof.

And to prove I really did get up before sunrise…


We set the net out ready for the next high tide, here it is waiting for the tide to come in….can you see it?

20140109-170244.jpg you can see the buoys lying in the sand waaaaaaay off in the distance.

20140109-170425.jpgcovered by the tide, black buoy on the left, with 4 white small floats leading across to the milk bottle buoys on the right.

What will be in this catch we wonder? We have just been and collected our catch and retrieved the net and all our gear. Another four flounder. Yay…..guess what’s for dinner?


One Response to “Floundering in Kaiaua”

  1. Alex Vannini Says:

    Yay success fishing!! I don’t think I’ll have time to try it out in Feb, but would be keen to try it out in October if we have time!! xx

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