Kawakawa Bay rally

Our neighbors at Ray’s Rest were a group of very friendly folk who all happened to be part of the committee of the Counties Manukau branch of the NZ Motor caravan Association (NZMCA), they were all heading to a rally to be held just 30kms away at Kawakawa Bay, also not too far from Auckland. They asked us to come along and join in on a relaxed weekend of minimal organization, getting to know people and generally socializing. We were running low on fresh water and with no sign of rain in sight we knew we would have to find somewhere to fill up sooner or later. Friday we packed up and headed north again.

Before leaving Kaiaua we took a photo of the oyster catcher which welcomes you to this part of the world.


We arrived at Kawakawa Bay, which is located at the northern end of the western side of the Firth of Thames, in good time and were soon parked up.

20140112-203441.jpgearly morning view of vans parked on one side of the field

20140112-203507.jpgand the other side of the field.

20140112-203524.jpgand there we are, parked up amongst 50 vans of all shapes and sizes.

There also happened to be a local fishing competition on this weekend with a constant stream of boats going past all day to the boast ramp located at the end of the bay.

20140112-205210.jpgthe boat ramp was a very busy place to be.

The rally was a great success, and was exactly as we expected it to be, a fairly relaxed affair but plenty of opportunity to meet new people. Everyone was so very friendly and welcoming toward us and we came away having made some new friends whom we look forward to meeting up with on the road somewhere in the near future. It also helped that we won three raffles over the weekend, two cash prizes and one meat tray.

20140112-210224.jpgthe obligatory sausages along with some lovely pork and some steak.

Not only that, we came away with the prize for travelling the greatest distance from our home base….as we are still members of the South Canterbury branch of the NZMCA we won the prize!

20140112-210919.jpgnote to selves – change “home” to no fixed address!!!


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