Chores and more

Not only did we win raffles over the weekend, along with a small win in Lotto, we were also given a big bucket of luscious dark plums which I set to and made up a batch of deliciously spicy plum sauce. There were still plums left over so next on the to-make-list was an upside down plum cake which made not only one large cake but 6 muffin sized cakes as well, perfect for the freezer. Half the large cake was given to the organisers of the weekend rally as a thank you and the rest was later shared with Jacky & Chris. A visit to the Clevedon markets on Sunday morning and zucchini were purchased for the making of a delicious pickle, particularly loved by a certain daughter who will be visiting next month from London.

Time for us to leave Kawakawa Bay, we headed the short half hour drive over to Papakura where we are parked at the club for the next few days. Jacky & Chris came visiting sunday afternoon, washing was done at Antony’s, and a list of jobs was drawn up ready to tackle this week. Pickle is to be made, shopping for groceries and store cupboard items not readily available elsewhere is completed, doctors appointments organised, tests to be had, we even had our Tetanus/Diptheria immunisations done – ouch!, miscellaneous essential items purchased such as another anchor for our net and a new hat for Roy to replace the one that was blown away whilst he was fishing, oh and not to forget a much needed haircut. All going well, we should be on our way again by mid afternoon on Wednesday.


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