Wrap up and catch up

After a week at Waharau Regional Park we reluctantly left to head back to Auckland where we are now back at Ardmore Airport for the next few days.  But first a quick wrap up and catch up on miscellaneous pictures from the last week or two.

The first set of pictures are of a clever mounting system for a wringer that a fellow motorhomer had built.  He had a set of box steel mounted inside a locker with the wringer also having a section of box steel welded onto it, with one set sliding onto the other, and a locking screw set in place.  Now i have an idea of how I would like mine to be easily mounted, but not in a locker but on the rear bumper. watch this space for further developments.


Wringer mounting

Another day and we headed off for a drive along the coast north of Kaiaua and came across this wonderfully carved waka (Maori Canoe).  It would make a fabulous sight seeing it on the water, fully laden with paddlers.


Waka                                                close up of bow sprit

Another day and seen along the regular morning wanderings was this shag (aka cormorant in northern climes) with his breakfast catch. 


And yes, he did manage to swallow it all!

And this yellowhammer was seen along the creek at waharau.


Whilst we were at Waharau, Bernice’s brother Steve and wife Leslie came for a visit, wanting to take their red sports car for a blatt they came to visit for the afternoon.  Great to catch up and spend the afternoon with them and we look forward to spending some time with them in a couple of weeks when we join them in Whangamata for a long weekend.


There was plenty to see and do around the Park, for two days we have the Army in on manoeuvres, however, every time we went past them we did not have a camera to hand.   Nor did we take a camera, phone, iPad with us when we went for a drive to check out Orere Point and Tapapakanga Park.  Never mind, I am sure we will return to take the obligatory pics. 

The local fire brigade were in the Park, just along from the Camping area, practising rescuing an injured person from across the creek providing us with some late afternoon entertainment.   

 18Fire brigade rescue

Now we are back parked up at Ardmore Airport, we are getting a few things done.  Roy managed to break his denture plate (yet again), but this time he has not only had the plate repaired but is having a new plate made which means frequent visits to get it fitted, adjusted and made.  As well, today he has had an MRI scan for his kidney (see When life throws you the curve ball ) and next week we will head to the specialist for the results.  Fingers crossed.


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