Wednesday turned out to be a busy old day as well as a trip around Auckland.

First up, Roy got the call from the dental technician to say that his new plate was ready for him to go and have it fitted. We left Ardmore and headed off into Manurewa to have that all sorted, stopping off briefly at Antony’s in Papakura to jump start his car. We continued on our way to Manurewa where Roy’s new plate was quickly and efficiently fitted. From there we had a couple of hours spare before Roy’s appointment with the Urologist at Ascot Hospital in Ellerslie so we headed off to Mt Eden to share lunch with Jacky. It was whilst we were there that we got a call from nephew Stuart & his partner Emma and their family from Dunedin, however they just happened to be holidaying in the north. They were heading to Bernice’s brother Steve’s place in Torbay where we arranged to meet up with them later in the day.

Next it was off to see the specialist. First of all he was running a little behind schedule, no problem, we are not in a hurry, but then the full report from the MRI had not been sent through so more waiting. We eventually got in to see him to get the good news that the MRI showed that things had not significantly changed since last year so another year now before the follow up scan. Phew!

Then it was off over the bridge to Steve & Leslie’s, less said about the traffic the better! where we were surprised to find not only Stuart and family there, but all three of Steve’s daughters along with their children. With six children under 6, it all made for a fun, full on evening and a great chance for some of the cousins and second cousins to hang out together. Sorry, no pics as we did not think we would need the camera for our planned trip to the dentist and the urologist!!!

From there it was the long drive back to Ardmore, but by the time we left, there was little in the way of traffic and we made it in just on an hour. Our last night at Ardmore before we head off Thursday. A full on Wednesday, but a good one.


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