More visitors

It didn’t take long for us to slip back into our usual routines once Alex had returned to the UK. And for those who asked, yes she arrived home safe and sound albeit very very exhausted after a week of non stop travel, partying, wedding, and family. It took us a day or so to get used to not having anyone around us again, but not for long! On Thursday Pat & Sue joined us at Ambury in their new vehicle. They have gone from the 5th wheeler to a Mirada, just like ours. Well, not quite the same, theirs is a foot longer and is configured differently inside but they look pretty damn similar.

20140309-231740.jpghere we are parked up back to back, ours is on the right with the awning out, and theirs is on the left.

It’s lovely having them back with us, and now we have lots more in common.

Oh, and did you notice the tent in between the two vehicles in the picture? Well, that is our executive suite guest accommodation reserved for special folk that come to visit ;). And on Friday we were indeed having more guests arriving. This time it was Helen & Don from Oamaru, Blog followers will know that they are good friends from Oamaru, for whom we have also done a bit of housesitting for in the past. They flew into Auckland on Friday afternoon, we picked them up and took them back to Ambury where we enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon and evening with them along with Pat & Sue. In fact we were having so much fun catching up and talking that I completely forgot about taking any pictures! Slack, I know.

Saturday morning Helen & Don had to pick up their rental car and head off to a Cambridge where they were to meet their latest new grandchild. So it was certainly a flying visit, we are hoping that their next visit may be for a bit longer and in their Motorhome. Not hinting or anything!


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