Stormy weather

We were all warned of the impending cyclone which would be bringing gale force winds and torrential rain along with the associated potential damage it could wreak. We needed to find ourselves somewhere safe to shelter.

We left Ambury on Thursday morning and head across the city, first to Takanini to fill up with LPG then in to the dump station at Bruce Pullman Park before parking at the Papakura Club for the evening. We had mail to collect from Antony’s and a few other tasks to attend to and of course this was our wedding anniversary so a dinner out was called for. A few phone calls made and with Bill & Estelle, Ron & Janet, Bill & Linda joined us for a very enjoyable meal and evening out at the club. Meanwhile Pat & Sue were off having electrical and solar work done on their van.

It looked as though the best place for us to avoid the worst of the impending cyclone Lusi was to head over to Waharau Regional Park, and our favourite parking place there at Blackberry Flat. This decision was made by consulting a very good, accurate weather reporting site (who would have thought that the Norwegians were so good at predicting our weather in NZ?) which was predicting moderate winds and just a few mm’s of rain for Waharau. Armed with that information we headed off on Friday for the hours drive over the hills to the camp ground, expecting a number of vehicles to be sheltering there but no, we were Nigel-no-mates! However, that did not last long as Pat & Sue joined us later in the day.

20140318-112400.jpgone of these things is not like the other….

Our TV satellite dish has had a propensity to rock a bit in the wind so a few adjustments needed to be made before the storm arrived. This required Roy getting up on the roof (I don’t do heights!) and making a few modifications.

20140318-112137.jpgsorting out the satellite dish

That all done, we settled ourselves in and waited for the arrival of cyclone Lusi. As we listened to reports of the storms arrival and subsequent movement down the country, we were quite happily parked up seemingly sheltered from any winds and although we did have some rain, it was very light and infrequent. We even had our awning out as we were so sheltered from any wind.

A storm in a teacup!


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