It’s raining, it’s pouring….

We left Whangamata on Wednesday, we waited for a bit of a break in the rain so that we could mow the lawns and tidy the garden, a novelty experience for us these days, but with that done, we packed up heading first for Kopu. Sue & Pat are holed up in Kopu having some repairs and maintenance work done on their vehicle. They have both been seconded as apprentices doing a lot of the donkey work themselves whilst living in their van in the workshop. It will all be good once it’s done, and it will be better than new. We caught up with them before heading off toward Waharau. With the weather supposedly deteriorating over the next few days with strong winds and heavy rain forecast, we drove past the few brave souls parked up on the shellbank at Ray’s Rest, and a few more parked up at the boat club in Kaiaua, heading straight for Waharau Regional Park. We booked in, tentatively requesting a booking for the Tainui camp as we presumed it would be booked out over Easter, but no, we can stay there as apparently a number of people have cancelled their bookings.

So here we are parked up, hooked up to power, with flush loos, seriously good pressure hot showers, and sinks for doing dishes. And yes, overnight the weather did pack in, however, we are parked up next to the ablution block which is affording us good shelter from the prevailing winds and yes, it is very wet but we are cosy and dry in the van.

Unlike these poor souls would who have turned up today, complete with backpacks and tents ready for a weekend camp!

Apparently they are on a course which challenges them, and this is part of their challenge! Well, there are major challenges in life but we do not have to be silly about them, we can make informed choices like take note of weather forecasts….or am I just getting old(er) and like my creature comforts too much? It seems like they are well organised and set up so hopefully they will not be challenged too much.


One Response to “It’s raining, it’s pouring….”

  1. Frederick Church Says:

    Looks lovely out there.Those of us to whom time is a flexible commodity in our lives have to remember that some people are regulated severely by time constraints and Mondays and Tuesdays mean more to them than to us……

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