Thames market

There is a market every Saturday morning in Thames, so it seemed a good opportunity to go and check it out particularly as it is Easter Saturday it may mean that there will be a lot more people there. So we headed off stopping in Kopu along the way to pick up Pat & Sue. The Thames market is a little different to any other market we have been to, as this one is set up along part of the Main Street with stalls set up outside shops. You would think that the shopkeepers would not be happy with stalls set up on their doorsteps however, it seems to work really well with lots of people checking out stalls and then wandering into the shops and cafés. There was an abundance of farmers selling their wares, everything from Olive Oil, to fruit and veg, to bacon, salamis and other meat goods with the mussel fritter stall proving to be very popular with a queue snaking along the street. There were handcrafts, bric a brac, tat and all sorts of stalls selling their wares as well as a good variety of buskers adding to the atmosphere. The shops were doing a great trade as well and the place was really buzzing with a good crowd of people in the town. Of course I had forgotten to take along a camera so you will have to take my word for it that the town was very busy and alive with activity.

I popped into a knitting shop to see if there was anything I may need and came out with a bargain!

20140420-162117.jpgyes folks, a sewing machine!!

Our granddaughter Rose was the beneficiary of the previous sewing machine I bought, but this one was too much of a bargain to let it go. This one has a choice of 7 stitch variations to choose from, including zig zag, it works exceptionally well and at just $25, a real bargain!

We also wandered into one of the very busy cafés for a coffee, in fact it was so busy that we were told that the waiting time for our coffees would be around 20 minutes! It was well worth the wait though, with a lovely coffee and a bite to eat to accompany it. Behind the cafe was a deli selling all sorts of delicious goodies, and yes we came away with some delights.

With our bags ladened with fresh fruit, veg, eggs and other goodies, we bade farewell to Pat & Sue and headed off back to Waharau. By late afternoon the heavens opened and for the past 24hrs we have had heavy downpours of rain interspersed with periods of sunshine. Although, we reckon we are becoming accustomed to the warmer northern climes as we were both complaining how cold it got last night……..the temperature had dropped to a chilly 16C!


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