Wind, wind, rain, rain, trapped!!!!

Time for a catch up on things happening in and around us so be prepared for a couple of blog posts over the next few days!

Last post we were in the midst of appreciating the benefits of a new awning and appurtenances.

3breakfast in the Vannini Veranda

We had a very rare and unusual sight one morning…

2Roy washing the van!

Within 24 hours we were packing up the awning in advance of the threat of strengthening winds.  We felt reasonably secure in our spot at Otamure, against a line of trees with the wind blowing from behind us.  The three of us were all in a line; Jim & Judy behind us and Pat & Sue in front of us.  The first day and night of strong wind was a little concerning as we were being rocked a little by the stronger gusts notwithstanding that we had our hydraulic jacks firmly on the ground. (Bernice here, we were well and truly being rocked around, and not just a little, some of us had little or no sleep for two nights!)8Not too windy at this stage – he can still stand upright!

After two nights we decided that we would move to a less exposed position as the wind had moved around and we were being pushed round even more.  A quick move to the shelter of the toilet blocks meant all three of us could get relief from the wind, and life was almost bearable irrespective of the wind and rain.

Yes and it did rain, and rain, and rain, the road between Whananaki and SH1 was blocked by fallen trees and water across the roads and the region also had power cuts, which did not affect us directly but did cut communications.

Thoughts of proceeding to Kerikeri were put on hold as SH1 was impassable at Towai .


Just a little wild and woolly


124and a little damp around the edges of the campsite

For the next three days we waited for road bypasses to be put in place and water to retreat.

However there was a bright side to the wait.  We managed to get in three days of rock fishing in the next bay along from Otamure.  Success on each day was at least a feed of Snapper or Terakihi or Kahawai depending on who caught what.

All this water along with accompanying (relative) warmth meant that fungi growth was rapid and overnight in some cases.  Not good for eating though.


And the storms played havoc with wildlife with some birds succumbing to the elements.  This bird complete with bright blue legs and beak was washed up in the debris.  It turns out it was a Shearwater, after initially thinking it was a rarer Prion.


Of course all this wet and stormy weather did not stop us from hosting happy hour….here we managed to squeeze 10 of us into the Vannini party van with reasonable comfort.  We seem to be the magnets for hosting the hoards, anyone would think we used to own a Luxury Lodge or something!!


Finally on Wednesday we decided to go North via Dargaville which meant backtracking to Whangarei to dump and refuel and then head West, but that’s another episode soon to come to a channel near you, stay tuned!

But to finish this entry, a bird, sorry not a Kiwi this time Jeff, a Kingfisher.


2 Responses to “Wind, wind, rain, rain, trapped!!!!”

  1. Correne Says:

    Do enjoy your travels thru N.Z.

  2. Alex Vannini Says:

    Dad’s wearing a hoodie?!!?

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