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Kerikeri via Waipoua Forest

July 24, 2014


The trip through to Kerikeri took much longer than we had anticipated due to the number of washouts, road repairs, felled tree retrieval and clearance along the road.  We had last travelled this route 18years ago, but neither of remembered the VERY narrow and windy route where the road narrowed to single lane and twisted and turned back on itself continually.  


We saw a number of large Kauri trees along the route peeking through the tree tops.


We were very lucky not to have encountered more traffic or indeed heavy trucks as we ventured through.  Jim & Judy were not quite so fortunate and grazed past a large truck just before they caught up to us parked up on the side of the road near Tane Mahuta. 

26Tāne Mahuta is a giant kauri tree (Agathis australis).  Its age is unknown but is estimated to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years. Here we stopped for a walk to see the Lord of the forest, a truly amazing sight and hard to capture the huge size of this tree. 


It is the largest kauri known to stand today, its vital statistics are;  

Trunk girth 13.77 m (45.2 ft)

Trunk height 17.68 m (58.0 ft)

Total height 51.2 m (168 ft)

Trunk volume 244.5 m3 (8,630 cu ft)

Total volume 516.7 m3 (18,250 cu ft)

From there, it was a better run through Omapere, Opononi, Kaikohe and onto Kerikeri where we are now safely parked.

Whilst in Kerikeri Roy is taking the opportunity to catch up with his cousin, Stuart Park, so they can compare notes to assist the untangling the branches of their family tree.  Stuart kindly invited us to lunch on Sunday and it was a very pleasant surprise to be greeted at his house with the Swiss flag flying.  Yes, the Vannini name originates from the Italian corner of Switzerland. 

swissSwiss flag flying

We shall be staying here in Kerikeri for the rest of the week before we head further north.