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Genealogy and Glass

July 30, 2014


In the last post we made mention of a cousin of mine with whom we had lunch last weekend.

Stuart and I were working through our respective family trees some years ago when, at close to the same time, we came to the conclusion that there were some mysteries surrounding my great-grandfather and Stuart’s great-great-grandfather, Cosmo Damiano Vannini.  We established contact and discovered that we were both looking at the same person. It turned out Damiano had had at least three partnerships (two marriages) and that Stuart’s family and mine were from different relationships.  Over time we have developed  more and more knowledge of our shared ancestor Cosmo Damiano Vannini.

This past week we have had time to compare notes in more detail and clear up some questions that have arisen as to the identity of a number of people and correct details with respect to a number of people.  Mind you. at the same time we have identified a few more questions which we need to look at in the future.  A very productive few days of swapping information was had.

As well as being a very knowledgeable historian, Stuart also has a very interesting passion.  He is a well renown authority when it comes to New Zealand art glass, its history and the history of both the glass items and the various artists throughout the country.

He has a wide ranging collection of pieces showing many of the artists and many of the techniques used.  I was able to spend an interesting hour or two looking at and discussing a lot of the pieces  and the artists.  The photos below show some of the diversity of the pieces.


Stuart also has a blog in which he writes on Glass and Glass Artists

Visit his Glass blog at

Thank you for your hospitality Stuart, we look forward to meeting up with you again soon.