MMMMMMmmmmmatai Bay

Before I get onto the delights of Matai Bay, I must apologise for my last post, particularly to all whose eyes glazed over and yawned at my boring explanations of the joys of voice activation of an iPad. Mind you, a few people have actually tried it – and it worked!

Normal transmission now resumes.

We arrived at Matai Bay last week, it must be one of our favourite places to stay. Athough this time we are not parked in (my) favourite part of the site as the ground was a bit boggy in places. Never mind, we have a great spot with views straight out over the bay.

IMG_0016.JPGwho could complain of this view from our bedroom window?

Jim & Judy joined us after a few days, and it wasn’t too long before Jim, being the ever keen fisherman, had dragged Roy off to set the net in the bay to try out their luck. They set the net the first day, here they are down on the beach debating when to pick up the net.


All that was caught (apart from a bit of weed) was one grey mullet.

IMG_0009.JPG Jim with the catch of the day.

Another day and Jim tried out his kites for kite fishing. There were the different types of kites that he had with him, and differing lines, hooks and set up so much time was spent trialling the different methods. However, the end result was no fish. Another day and Jim went off to see some other fishermen who were sending out a torpedo. After spending much of the day with them learning the ins and outs of this type of fishing, he came back with a snapper for his efforts and a promise to go out with them again tomorrow.

IMG_0015.JPG sending out the torpedo.

We have had our awning out and the windbreaks up, which provided us with a lovely space to sit out of the breeze. Then the wind direction changed and for the first time since we got the windbreaks, we set it up at the opposite end of the awning toward the rear of the van. We can report that it all works well, although another hole had to be drilled into the awning roll to accommodate the end strengthening pole for the set up at this end of the van.


Whilst sitting in the sun yesterday, a visitor came into the camp whom I recognised as Angela, a fellow full time motor homer whose blog is here. Angela is just visiting the north for a bit of a break, her bus is in Christchurch. We enjoyed meeting Angela and enjoyed swapping information and tales

IMG_0017.JPGAngela visiting, we look forward to meeting you again on the road soon.

2 Responses to “MMMMMMmmmmmatai Bay”

  1. Mark Paton Says:

    Matai Bay, a fav place for us. Enjoyed swimming there! Mark&Glynnis Paton

  2. Sad News | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] trip together to Cape Reinga and points inbetween including   Waharau Kaiaua Matai Bay Cape […]

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