Bringing home the bacon

We have never been kite fishing before, we have watched others putting out kites but were unaware of the intricacies of this type of fishing. Kites are an effective way of getting a long line out from the shore to deeper waters, there is of course the torpedo/electric Kontiki option but that starts adding up the $$$’s – something we cannot justify as yet. Perhaps after winning Lotto this weekend??!! The following is a diagram of how kite fishing works, copied from Paul’s kite Fishing web site.


Jim has a selection of kites with all the associated gear required, so our first trial was off Matai Bay with a good offshore breeze making it for a good day to have ago. Off down the beach we trotted with all our gear in tow, and with only a couple of trips to return to the vehicles to pick up forgotten bits, we settled down to sorting ourselves out. After many trials with various setups, different kites, secondary kites (called sky hooks!), we got the line out in what we thought was the right spot, in the middle of the bay, and then we waited. After about an hour we hauled the line in bagging ourselves a reasonable sized snapper, guess what’s for dinner?


The following day Jim & Roy headed off over to Karikari beach to try their luck out there, the wind had swung around so this side of the peninsular was where to be. They set up the kites

IMG_0023.JPG Jim & Roy setting up the kites

IMG_0025-1.JPG kite and ‘skyhook’ in flight

Not trusting their fishing/catching skills, I had taken some steak out of the freezer for dinner, however, to prove me wrong, they came home triumphant with 4 very good sized snapper. Plenty enough for us for dinner for a few nights.

Since then we have been out a couple more times, chasing the wind on some occasions. We went to Karikari Beach as we thought the wind was offshore there, only to arrive to a wind change, so off down to Rangiputa where again it was the wrong wind direction. Next it was over to Tokerau Beach where not only had the wind changed direction again but the damn wind had dropped off completely so no kite flying that day. Never mind, we still had plenty of fish left from the previous days fishing.

Jim went out fishing one afternoon with some locals who were keen to pass on their skills at kite fishing, although they ended up not using a kite but a Kontiki, the principle is the same. Not only did he gain a little more knowledge of the ins & outs of rigs, He came home with a good catch of lovely sized snapper to fill the freezer.

Meanwhile, we have been bringing home the bacon, literally, as we have had a go at making our own bacon, the first attempt was completed this week and has been a huge success.



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