Spirits Bay

Toward the end of our time at Taputaputa, we thought we should actually make some attempt at setting some form of a schedule. With calendar in hand and working backwards, we set out a guideline for where we wanted to go and a loose timeline to adhere to.  We have to be in Auckland by the 19th October as our daughter Alex, along with her partner Ian, are arriving for a fleeting visit to NZ from the UK.   With this in mind, we reluctantly left Taputaputa and headed for Spirits Bay.

Over a day or two, Gail, Di, as well as Jim & Judy, left for Spirits Bay.  We arrived on Friday 19 October, but with the winds building and the weather forecast to become very wet and windy,  we only stayed one night before we made the decision to pack up and make the move south to Rarawa. 

Whilst at Spirits Bay,  Roy made a foray to try an find a memorial plaque raised for Marc-Joseph Marion du FresneAll that now remains of this memorial is the concrete outline of the area where the plaque was mounted.  This is at the entrance to the stream exiting into Spirits Bay at the eastern end.


And finally spotted a Wrybill on the beach in the distance.  Not often seen so far in our travels so this somewhat disappointing photo will have to do.


And before anyone asks, yes we did vote in the NZ Elections, we took advantage of the opportunity to cast our vote early, which we did some weeks ago.


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