Goodbyes and new job!

We shall get to the new job shortly but first we had to say our goodbyes to Alex & Ian. We left Kinloch in convoy early Sunday morning, our first stop was a little back track to Wairakei to fill up with fuel before meeting up with Alex & Ian and Ants in Tirau for a bit of brunch. Refuelled, we were back on the road heading straight to the airport where our first mission was to head to the supermarket to fill up the corners of the travellers suitcases with a good selection of NZ chocolates, biscuits and the like.

Unfortunately it was soon time to head to check in, early enough so that Ian could ensure that he gets allocated seats with plenty of leg room to cope with his 6ft 3in frame……something that some of us that are vertically challenged do not have to deal with! That mission accomplished, we had time for a quiet drink before we all steeled ourselves for the farewells. This never gets any easier, but at least this time Alex has Ian to console her on the other side of the barrier.

Monday morning and Roy had to battle the motorway to head back to the Doctor to have his stitches removed and get the results of the biopsy. It turns out that the growth was cancerous, however the margins were all clear and the type that it was meant that it is confined to the upper skin levels. And as it was noted and acted upon fairly quickly then it was caught very early and requires no further treatment.

That done, it was back to the van, pack up, empty waste tanks, fill up with water, LPG and fuel before heading across the bridge to Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparaoa Peninsular. This is where we get to our new “job”. We shall be here for at least the next month acting as Camp Hosts, which just really means we are the eyes and ears for the Rangers to let them know if there are any issues occurring before they become a problem and also let campers know about the facilities at Shakespear.

Shakespear is one of the network of Auckland Regional Parks, we have mentioned the Park network before as we have enjoyed staying in a number of them around the region. They truly are a wonderful asset, not only to Auckland but to New Zealand. Shakespear is situated on the tip of the Whangaparaoa peninsular north of Auckland, it has a number of walkways through bush, farm and coastline as well as a nice beach and supposedly there is some good fishing around as well. We stayed here last year when Alex was in NZ with her friends.

The bird life here is amazing and the noise they make is almost deafening at times. So far we have managed to see tuis, bellbirds, wood pigeons, rosellas and parakeets as well as the usual sparrows, starlings, pukekos, ducks, and magpies. The camping area is a large flat grassy area just back from the beach with large Pohutakawas lining the site. The camp provides toilets, sinks for dishwashing, rubbish and recycling, and here there is a worm farm as well. Shakespear is a predator free area, which means when you come into the park, you enter through large automatically controlled predator proof gates. There are definitely no dogs, cats to any other animals allowed to be brought in, and they even provide mousetraps for campers to place around their campsite.

Here we shall be staying for the next wee while, we look forward to exploring the area a little more and to catch up with friends and family. Let us know when you are coming, the BBQ will be fired up and ready.


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