The first week

The first week of being camp mother and camp leader has passed without incident or anything particularly exciting happening.

P1050675.JPGthat’s our camp site just peeking out from behind the trees, with the toilet block in the background with the beach & sea just peeking out from between the trees.

IMG_1597.JPGand that’s us, photo taken from the centre of the park. Oh and we hope you notice the lovely new large beach umbrella providing much needed shade.

We have met some interesting and lovely characters over the week including a family with seven children who were here for the weekend. The children were aged from 18months through to 13 years. All home schooled, they arrived on Friday complete with a trailer loads of kayaks (one for each child – apart from the youngest), bikes and of course tents and the rest of the necessary camping gear. The logistics of getting everything together would be enough to do most peoples heads in, but not this family, they regularly go off to one of the Auckland Regional Parks for a camping weekend and often take along some of the children’s friends! We really enjoyed watching them all bike, kayak, climb trees, swim, play cricket, and generally have fun.

We have also had a couple of visitors, the first was Frederick who called in on his way past, for morning tea on Friday. He was returning a couple of items, and over a coffee and muffin we really enjoyed catching up with his latest news and look forward to our next meeting. We enjoy swapping ideas and hints, as well as sharing our bread making skills and generally solving the problems of the world. And as usual, we forgot to get the camera out to record his visit!

Steve & Les came for a visit on Sunday, it was such a glorious day with hardly a breath of wind, it was fabulous sitting in the warm sun sharing lunch. Steve had spent the morning making sausages, so the boys BBQ’d up a sample of each variety to share. There was a spicy Merguez, a Pork Apple & Fennel, and a Cumberland style sausage – all equally fantastic and delicious. Bernice doesn’t usually eat sausages as she finds most commercial varieties all a bit…….well, let’s just say she chooses not to eat them. However, she can quite happily eat, enjoy and relish all of Steve’s sausages. This time we did have the camera to hand!

P1050682.JPG Steve, Les and Roy about to enjoy sausage sandwiches for lunch (I hope you see we had the HP sauce out Alex & Ian!).

Of course Bernice watched netball over most of the weekend, with the NZ Fast 5 Ferns taking out the World Champs for the third year in a row. It was also an early start to the day on Sunday with the alarm set for 3.30am to get up and watch the All Blacks play England, with a win to the All Blacks although the refereeing was a little strange at times! We can admit to not actually getting up for the game though, as we watched the game from the comfort and warmth of our bed! Yes, we also have a TV in the bedroom.

We have not been totally idle though, we have been very busy getting all the seams and joins on the outside of the van resealed. This is purely a preventative maintenance procedure, as we don’t want to have leaky building issues! This entails the cleaning of the seams first, removing any old silicone or sealant, then carefully applying masking tape along both sides of the seams ensuring a neat even spacing so that when the tape is removed there is an clean line of sealant. Then apply the new sealant, smoothing it into place, cleaning up and remove the masking tape before it sets too firmly. This is a bit of a messy job at times, with numerous pairs of disposable gloves being deployed. We have so far managed to do around all the lockers on one side of the van and along all major seams before running out of the ‘gunk’ – that’s a technical term for the Simson ISR 70-03 industrial grade elastic sealant we are using. More is on order, then that will be another major job ticked off the list.


One Response to “The first week”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hard job you two have!! Nicely noted the HP sauce, essential for a sausage sandwich x

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