Fishing, mowing and a tepee

A walk up to the lookout gives a panoramic view from Rangitoto Island up to Wenderholm.


And includes a view into Shakespear Park and Bay


At the eastern end of Army Bay there is a walk up to a small waterfall in the bush, very picturesque.


We’ve been fishing again – Vannini fishing that is!  One of the Rangers here at Shakespear called past on his way home from fishing & diving,  he had caught a number of very large snapper and had a bag full of scallops.  He kindly gave us the smallest of the snapper which was still large enough for two meals for us plus we smoked the head and body which gave us enough smoked fish for a nice pie.

7filleting the fish

We have not been out fishing with our kite fishing rig as yet however we have put it up in the park to try out all the systems to make sure everything was OK.  Just our luck, there was an issue with the set up of the line on the winch, rather than trying to sort it out ourselves, we took it into Paul’s Fishing Kites in Onehunga (just down the road from Antony’s place).  We headed off into Onehunga on Tuesday, which just so happened to be Bernice’s birthday.

Now Bernice is wondering what it is with her birthday as over the past few years she has had some interesting ‘presents’!  Last year it was  new tyre and strengthening work done on the van, this year it was a new radiator for the RAV as well as new line on the fishing winch! To back track slightly,  the other day when we went to the shops, Bernice thought she heard a noise coming from the engine of the RAV, sure enough, on inspection there was steam escaping from the top of the radiator.  Damn, now what were we to do, a quick check and a radiator specialist was not far from where we were in Silverdale, a phone call and sure enough they could do the replacement today, not only that they could supply us with a courtesy car whilst repairs were being done. excellent work with the wallet the only loser.  But next year could my birthday presents be a little more personal please?

Life isn’t all just about relaxing in the sun, fishing and generally watching the world go by, no, this past week we have earned our keep.  The park is mown on a regular basis, however, our parking area is given a wide berth by the large tractor size mowers so Roy offered to mow the grass around our van if they supplied a mower.  Sure enough a small ride on mower was duly delivered with the offer to mow the grass but Roy really wanted to have a play on the mower himself.  Well, mowing lawns is a novelty activity these days!

 10Mower man


We have had a variety of different groups staying at the park over the past few weeks.  Its always interesting to watch people put up their tents. There was a group of scouts and guides  in last weekend and we enjoyed watching them trying to erect their tents in the howling gale!  Interestingly, the guides all had nice new dome-style tents which were put up very quickly and efficiently.  However, the scouts had the old fashioned canvas square tents which seemed to take them an age to get set up.  We have also had a couple of very large school groups through – 97 at a time!  They appear to be highly organised, tents are put up in a very short time without too much bother – usually in well under an hour – then the students are split into smaller groups to take up mountain biking, orienteering, kayaking and other organised activities.

This weekend there is a Sea Scout group in (just 30 young ones), so far they have spent five hours putting up their tents (the old fashioned canvass variety)  and at the time of writing, 7 tents have so far been put up with another 3 laid out ready to be put up. If they don’t get a move on it will soon be time for them to pack up! And do you know why they have all sides of the tents rolled up during the day? No?  Well, with groups of teens, it is so that they can be seen to ensure no hanky-panky goes on!

During the week we had an interesting chap in who was staying in a tepee which he had designed and constructed himself.   It went up very quickly and efficiently and is a fascinating piece of construction being extremely strong and stable in all conditions.  Those North American Indians knew what they were doing!




The following two pictures are a view of the camp with our van in the back middle, and the scout group putting up tents in the middle


And there is always plenty of kite surfers and sail boarders out in the bay enjoying the wind.



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