What do you call having a holiday from your holiday lifestyle? No? I don’t know either, but that is exactly what we are doing. We have flown south and not for the temperatures that we have struck either. However the temperatures are immaterial as the warmth we have received has more than made up for the ambient temperature.

We flew into Christchurch on Wednesday, picked up our rental car, a few formalities and we were quickly underway. Our first destination was Oamaru where we headed straight to the pub to meet up with Helen & Don and Jocelyn & Lex, our quiz team mates from days past as it just also happened to be the final quiz night for the year. We managed to catch up with a few other familiar faces around the town over the next day as well as checking out what is happening in the town.

There seems to be a shift in attitude in the town, with lots of vibrant businesses and people especially around the old part of town. It is great to see the place is buzzing at last and you are spoilt for choice with plenty of good cafes and restaurants.

The seashore area in particular has received the most obvious improvements with the recent building of a steampunk themed children’s playground and a cafe which is just under its final build which will soon be opening.


IMG_0200.JPGmore of the playground


IMG_0194.JPGSteampunk Tearooms detail

We left Oamaru Friday morning heading to Ashburton to spend some time with Roy’s son Jason and wife Erica and their 4 children. They live on a few acres just south of Ashburton and lead very busy lives looking after their
menagerie which include sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and of course 4 young children. This sign was eldest grandson Dante’s bedroom door



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