Some people and events of late

In late December we were invited to a retirement Party for Janet Davis, one of Roy’s friends of very long standing (65 years and counting).

I think this one photo expresses Janet’s character very well, ebullient, enjoying herself, taking pleasure in other’s enjoyment and having the occasional sip.


Of course there were the usual crowd of hangers-on including this collection of old friends from very early days to more recent.


Of course the highlight of proceedings was when Janet announced that the whole affair was a little premature as she was returning to work in the New Year.

Then there were the people who visit us from time to time.


Bernice, Edwina, Colin, Bill and Estelle

And then a surprise visit from Scrabble playing friends from times past


Robin, Bernice, Pat, Jeff and Glennis

Followed by a return visit from the Helen and Don from Oamaru days


Then of course in the New Year a memorable double act was celebrated Janet’s 70th birthday and Ron and Janet’s 50th wedding anniversary both on the same day!!


The happy couple, not doing too badly for their age and time together, may it long continue.


Then this character,  old friend and long ago best man, stood tall to speak.  The happy couple continued to enjoy themselves


and some old friends were also there looking on


3 Responses to “Some people and events of late”

  1. Karel Thompson Says:

    Names on the big standing photo would be great.

  2. The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] We attended their 50th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the year which you can read about here. I forgot to take any pictures as we were too busy catching up and doing far more important […]

  3. Friends | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] Glennis & Robin came to visit after we caught up with them last week at Cathy & Wayne, we last saw Glennis & Robin  when they came to visit with other friends two year ago which we blogged about here […]

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