Steve & Les came back to join us for the weekend as they had left their tent and boat all set up ready for a weekend of relaxing. They arrived on Friday evening in time for dinner which we enjoyed sitting outside watching the sun set. An earlyish night was in order as the boys were planning to head out first thing in the morning for a spot of fishing, however, that was not to be as during the wee small hours, the heavens opened and for the first time in well over a month we had some rain.

Saturday morning over a leisurely late breakfast of Steve’s home cured bacon, free range eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes, the head Ranger from here at Shakespear arrived at our door carrying with him a chilly bin. Bruce had not been put off by the rain and had gone out fishing with a mate in the very early hours of the morning to catch the dawn change of light as they thought it would be good fishing. They caught two kingfish, one weighing in at 8kg and the other 11kg. In the chilly bin was one side of one of the fish that Bruce brought down to generously give to us. Well, that set the wheels in motion, Roy & Steve decided it was time for them to head out and try their luck fishing whilst Leslie & Bernice set about sorting out a menu for dinner utilising the Kingfish.

Later in the day the fellas returned having caught lots of snapper but only bringing one home that was large enough to keep. Meanwhile, fellow motorhomer Frederick had arrived to spend some time with us but more of that later.

IMG_0304 Frederick’s bus, our van and Steve & Les’ tent.

It was time to portion up the fish, some was portioned up ready to use in an entree, 5 large steaks were cut for the main course and the remaining two largest pieces we put aside for tomorrow.

Steve portioning and trimming the steaks. The entree portions of fish are marinating in the glass dish at the rear.

Entree was a ginger marinated kingfish which we served over a salad of spinach, cabbage and grated raw beetroot. We can report that it was particularly delicious and we all agreed that that dish was a success.


We had our main well under control and we were just about to start cooking the fish when a contingent of about 10 vehicles rolled into camp. First of all we had to check the new arrivals in and make sure they were welcomed, there was around 32 young men in the group which we had to admit made us think, oh no, we could be in for a lively night. However, it turned out they were the Black Sticks – the NZ National Hockey Team who were in camp as part of a training and team building weekend.

Back to main course, the Kingfish steaks were entrusted to Roy & Steve to cook on the BBQ whilst Leslie and Bernice prepared the rest of the meal. A wonderful citrus mash was made along with a pickle ginger mint & cucumber salad which we enlivened with a few extras. We also made a warm salad of roasted red pepper, tomato and corn.


We all agreed that this meal in particular was a winner in all respects. Every last morsel of every dish was finished off and all plates scraped clean, this will certainly be remembered and put into our favourite, must make again list.

Time to sit back now and enjoy dessert. Dessert you ask? Yes, well, eye candy counts as dessert doesn’t it? Previously we have reported that in the evenings all the children come out into the central area to play cricket or football and the like. On this occasion some of the kids started a cricket game and one by one, the Black Stick members joined in until there was a large group playing. After some time, a game of touch rugby started, soon enough most of the Black Sticks were playing, the two side distinguished by shirts, or no shirts – aka eye candy!!! A wonderful end to the day 😊


Steve & Les went home on Sunday, again leaving their tent set up and the boat behind as they will join us again this weekend as Friday is yet another public holiday. We look forward to another weekend of fun, swimming, fishing and of course eating some fabulous food!


2 Responses to “Kingfish”

  1. Alex Says:

    You sure you don’t want the job of private chef for some awesome people in London?!

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