Sod’s Law

It was all going so well, or so we thought. First the good news, Roy got a clearance from the specialist and does not need another check for 2 years. Phew. After that good news, things seemed to start to unravel slightly. Sunday night we stayed at the Papakura Club as we were meeting up with some of the old crew for dinner and as well, Bill & Estelle were joining us in their van for a planned jaunt together to the Hawkes Bay. Monday morning and we had a few minor chores to attend to in and around so off in the car we headed down the road. We had not travelled more than a kilometre when we noticed a man collapsed on the side of the road, it looked like he was having some kind of fit. We quickly came to a halt, leapt out of the car to see what we could do. First we turned him into the recovery position then reassured him to keep him relatively calm whilst I talked to the emergency services. He totally non responsive, the ambulance crew arrived promptly and quickly got him sorted. It seems he was in a diabetic coma as after they gave him a couple of doses of glucose he slowly started to come round although still very disoriented and incoherent. I can tell you from a spectators view, it is not a pleasant experience so can only imagine how terrible it must have been for him. We left him in the experts care to resume our tasks.

We were back on track with our errands but of course from there nothing went smoothly, what should have taken just a few minutes ended up taking us from one side of Auckland to the other as well as taking up most of the day. Never mind, eventually we returned back to the van, hooked up the car ready to head off. Oops, no, that’s not going to happen anytime soon as one of the hydraulic stabiliser jacks refused to retract. After much debate, some heavy levering, the car jack was utilised and eventually we were on our way. By this time it was after 4pm when got underway, just a quick trip to the petrol station was required. We had made a reconnoiter trip to the petrol station earlier in the day to make sure the access was easy for us, as well as filling up the RAV. Between visits the price had leapt 4c/litre, not much you may think but when you are putting 150+litres into the van it does add up after time!

Finally we were on the motorway, along with all the other afternoon traffic but we were soon at the bottom of the Bombay Hills ready to exit to head across Kaiaua way, but oh no, directly in front of us were two Police cars coming to a halt near the exit and quickly directing traffic away from the exit. Apparently a major accident had occurred and they were closing the road. So what to do? We exited at Pokeno and stopped to reassess our position. We decided bugger this and headed back to Auckland to Ardmore Airport where there is a NZMCA parking area. We knew Bill & Estelle were there for the night so we surprised them with our arrival.

Tuesday after breakfast we started our routine of packing up ready to head off, when……… know what’s coming next don’t you? Hmm, when putting down the awning one of the arms came off the side of the van!!! To keep the story brief, after many men making suggestions and having a go at repairs (which included lifting carpet in the bedroom area and cutting an access hole in the floor to see where the screws on the outside of the van would appear on the inside), we took the van to a repair shop down the road where the nice man did the repairs needed. Back to Ardmore to pick up the car, hook it up and ready to go….well nearly. It seems the pin for the shackle that attaches the safety chain to the van had magically disappeared. Shit. Heavy sigh, plan B it will have to be, the plan was for me to race off in the RAV to get a replacement shackle, but first we had to unhook the car. Just as we about to do this another fellow motorhomer came to the rescue, he just so happened to have a spare brand new shackle compete with pin. Yay, we were on our way at last, well nearly, just a brief stop at the dump station to empty the necessary tanks and to top up with fresh water.

Oh, and in amongst all this, one of the new chairs we had only taken delivery the previous week had developed a fault, which required many telephone calls and much patience before the company decided yes, they would replace it. But a new chair would not be available until later in the week. Oh well, we would only be an hour or so away and we could return the chair and swap it for a new one.

We arrived at Waharau late on Tuesday afternoon where we quickly set ourselves up in the lovely camp ground with Bill & Estelle parked up alongside us, here we will stay for a couple of days and hopefully get a few flounder as well.

Tomorrow is another sunny day.


3 Responses to “Sod’s Law”

  1. Glennis Says:

    OMG you two! Adventurous? For sure. Having a wonderful time? For sure. Lucky? Well I have always thought so….BUT….. Just not that day. Oh well, all’s well again. Hope your journey continues smoothly from here on. Have a great time in the Hawkes Bay. If you have time catch up with Jeff. 06 8764678…. Palindromic of course. Haha. Enjoy the rest of 2015.

  2. fredericknz Says:

    Now that all that is over……
    The things coming in threes…. more like a double dose of threes!
    Hope all goes well for the next while!

  3. First Aid | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] came across a man collapsed on the side of the road last year which you can read about here.  It was reassuring to know that we did do the right thing and we were onto it fairly quickly. […]

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