Back at Shakespear

We arrived back at Shakespear before the crowds arrived for the Easter weekend.  We set ourselves up back in our usual position except this time we did park further forward so that we are not in the shadow of the trees during the day.   Parked up.

Easter weekend arrived and so did the campers, with a full house in over the weekend.  We were fortunate too that the weather remained calm and dry over the whole weekend which always makes for happy campers.  We did manage to get some fishing in, although we do admit that it was ‘Vannini fishing’, which means that we we given the fish by some lovely campers.  This time though the fish came already cooked, hot off the BBQ a whole BBQ’ed snapper which we enjoyed for dinner.  We were also fortunate to be given Easter Eggs from some grateful campers, they were enjoyed by us both.

The weekend was also pickle and relish making weekend, with Roy making his Chili Tomato Chutney and I made a batch of Tomato Kasundi as well as a Red Pepper & Tomato Relish.  Earlier in the week, Steve had given us some chilies and some beetroot from his garden, the chilies were used in the relishes and I also made a delicious beetroot chutney.  The cupboards are now full of pickles, chutneys & relishes which will see us well supplied through to next year.

After the crowds left us, we ventured down to Albany for the day on Tuesday to do a bit of shopping as well as catching up with Antony who was up visiting his cousin Sarah.  We also called in to an Engineering firm in Silverdale along the way so we could get a small piece of pipe repaired and welded.  This was a repair to the kitchen corner turntable unit which had developed a slight lean, we will pick up the repaired piece in a day or two.

It is nice to be back at Shakespear, although I can not say the same for the end of Daylight saving.  I am certainly not enjoying it getting so dark so early in the evenings, it seems we are inside far too early in the evenings.  


One Response to “Back at Shakespear”

  1. Glennis Says:

    How long are you there? Rach and family arriving Monday.

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