A cover up

Thursday morning we headed off from Shakespear down to Papakura to Antony’s to help him reupholster some dining chairs that he had recently purchased via TradeMe.  But first we had a few chores to attend to which required a couple of stops along the way. The first was to stop in Silverdale to pick up our repaired, welded piece for the kitchen corner cupboard.  That was quickly done and we were on our way again, fortunately with fairly free flowing traffic all the way which is more than the poor people stuck in very slow moving northbound traffic. Then it was to Takanini to pick up a couple of pieces ready to do the upholstery.

Now I have no experience in upholstery, the only attempt I have previously made at upholstery is the covering of the headboard and desk top, hardly what I would call vast experience. Never mind, it surely cannot be that hard and there is always YouTube to call up for instructional tutorials.

The chairs did not have removable seats, so it was going to be a fidly job.  We had purchased the material the other day, and had a staple gun and scissors – what more tools could we possibly need?  Oh yes of course, we have to remove the old material from the top and the base.  This involved removing a gazillion million staples!  You think I am kidding?  I can assure you that whoever had done the work previously must have had shares in a staple company!!!   We tried many ways of removing the staples, but after many trails, grunts groans and injuries, the best method we found was to use a small screwdriver to lever up the staple, then remove the staple using pliers.   It was not going to be a quick job.  

We started work at around midday, and the last staple went into the last chair at just after 8pm.  I can assure you that my right hand is still aching two days later from the effort but I have to say we are thrilled with our handiwork and they look fantastic. 

First we removed the backing material covering the base, so we could access the main material  which was stapled to the underside rail of the chair seat.  Once all material and staples were removed we then recovered the seats with more foam, then by using the removed material as a pattern, I cut out the seat  covering.  Of course I cut out one for a start to make sure that it was correct before continuing to cut out the remainder.        


Once we got into the swing of things, it did not seem to take too long at all. Only one hitch though. We had purchased a staple gun to get the job done only to discover that we could not get a further supply of staples – no, not even from the hardware store selling the original purchase.  Not to be put off, Roy purchased another staple gun from another store, this time complete with a box of replacement staples.  

  Before, during and after

The job was completed in time for us to try out the table and chairs as Antony cooked us dinner – surf & turf (steak and garlic prawns) and a delicious salad to accompany it. A great end to a busy day.  

  The completed job.


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