The final touches

Regular readers will remember that a few weeks ago I finally got round to covering the inside lid of the desk.   I was quite pleased with my efforts, but after a few weeks of looking at the desk, the glove box interior I made originally started to annoy me.  The material was inside out, I don’t know why I thought I should have made it with the right side showing only when you open up the glovebox when the desk is closed, but I did.  I mean, how silly, to have the right side of the material showing only when you open the glovebox.    So the other day I thought I would fix it by removing it and reversing the material!    


  Undoing all my good work and reversing the material lining.

  Finished job

  The desk put away and the glovebox view.  

As an aside, have you ever wondered why it is called the glove box??  According to Mr Wikipedia “glove compartment or glovebox or glovie is a compartment built into the dashboard located over the front-seat passenger’s footwell in an automobile, often used for miscellaneous storage. The name derives from the original purpose of the compartment, to store gloves. (Often in a box on the floorboard near the driver, hence Glovebox). 

Gloves were originally worn to keep the hands clean. Driving gloves were considered necessary equipment in early cars, many without a hard top, to prevent the cooling effect of fast-moving air from numbing drivers’ hands.”

Those were the days! 


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