Tent City

Anzac weekend was upon us, Friday morning amongst the usual comings and goings in the camp a large truck turned up with a dozen or so porta loos on the back of it which they then proceeded to unload and place in the centre of the camp.  Hmmm, must be something on this weekend, perhaps we had better ask the Rangers what is happening.  Not a lot really, just 400 or so Sea Scouts arriving tomorrow for a weekend camp!!  We asked if we should remove ourselves from the camp ground,  no, we were assured that would not be necessary.  However, after a bit of discussion Roy and I decided that it may well be better if we moved from the camp ground so they had full use of all areas without us getting in their way. 

 Porta loos in a row

We packed ourselves up and high tailed it out of the camp to reposition ourselves all of 500m away in the designated Motorhome Parking area.  After dawn service on Saturday morning, we noticed a steady stream of traffic passing us by and by the afternoon it was a continuous stream of cars, trailers and trucks heading in and out of the camp.  They were highly organised (of course) and it was not long before they were well set up. 


Tents covering the whole camping area

 And just as well we did move, it was tent city as they covered every bit of the camp ground with the different groups set  up in their allocated areas.  

The beach had a long line up of boats of all descriptions parked on the sands.  They were mainly sailing vessels for the scouts with plenty of support/emergency craft for the adult supervisors.  

And all the cars, trailers and sundry vessels parked in the buffer zone  
All in all a very successful weekend, although we did feel for them as Monday mornings activities were cancelled due to the terrible weather. They then had the onerous task of packing up heavy, soaked canvas tents plus all the sundry equipment in the horrendous rain and wind that prevailed until mid afternoon on Monday.  

Although the weather cleared and the camp ground emptied we remained in the Self Contained Vehicle parking area until Wednesday when we left, however,  it won’t be too long before we are back at the end of the year to take up our Camp Host duties once again.  We are now at Ardmore for a few days. 

Oh and for those of you who are interested, the mouse kill count was up to 90 by the time we left the main camp last Friday! 


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