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A couple of weeks at Uretiti

August 5, 2015

Two weeks at Uretiti have passed very quickly indeed. Goodness knows where the days have gone or what we have done but the days sure do seem to fly by.  Some days were spent flying kites sending out the bait and line for a good wash but with no fish being caught at all. We were told by everyone that wandered past that no one was catching any fish, so the gear has been packed away ready for warmer weather when apparently the fish will come out to play.

We have made the odd foray into Whangarei to attend to shopping and other such essential matters  including a visit to the Saturday Farmers market where we get our fill of fresh fruit and veg but in the main we spent most of our time relaxing and attending to the never ending list of chores that we seem to make for ourselves.

imageParked up at Uretiti, Pat & Sues van in the foreground, us behind them with Brian and Marj in the back.

Uretiti Beach is in Bream Bay, with Marsden Point and Ruakaka to the north and Waipu to the South.  The beach is approximately 5kms in length and very popular especially over the summer months when the numerous camp grounds dotted along the coast line are full to capacity.  This camp is a DoC (Department of Conservation) run campground, with limited facilities i.e. fresh water, composting toilets and rubbish bins, and with no organised or allocated camp sites among the sand dunes.  Newly planted ‘islands’ are making the place look very tidy as well as affording separation and shelter for campers.  The camp is popular with motorhomers over the winter months as a good place to stop for a couple of weeks before moving on to the next port of call.

image A rainbow above our van.

Walks along the beach make for many new discoveries, especially if the sea has been a bit rough or an extra high tide brings ashore treasures.  Although we have not found Pat’s kite which fell into the sea on our first few days here, thats what sometimes happens when you forget to attach the floatation balls, the kite falls into the sea and either disappears never to be seen again, or like ours comes back shredded.  But we did find this chap standing guard over the edge of the beach..

imageSentinel on the beach.

We shall be leaving Uretiti this weekend, although the van will be staying here in storage, when we head to Whakapirau to Jacky & Chris’ to take up our hosuesitting duties.