When there’s an oops…

You know how it is, everything is just tootling along nicely and then you do something silly which serves as a reminder to take a little care.  We were down on the beach having put put the kite with the fishing line out and I had wandered back to the van to make us a cuppa whilst we waited for the fish to bite….yeah right!  In my haste, I opened the door of the van but neglected to hook it back in place whilst I undid my shoe laces, the wind caught the door and swung it back around toward me so I put my hand out to stop the door smashing into me but all I managed to do was to catch the back of my hand under the bottom of the door, ripping along my hand but worst of all, catching my rings.

My engagement ring now has two less clasps holding the emerald in place (at the 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions) and my eternity ring has one less small diamond in the centre. Bugger!


Now I guessed that the diamond would have dropped onto the ground just beneath the door, roughly where I was standing and I was sure I could see something glistening in the sun. What was a girl to do?……only one thing to do, try and find it.  I proceeded to draw a circle in the sand and gravel where I thought the diamond may be, then I hopped into the van to get a very small sieve (tea strainer) and a teaspoon then proceeded to sieve the the sand within the bounds of the circle I had drawn.   Luckily no one else was around whilst I was seiving the sand otherwise I am sure that they would have thought that I was completely nuts.

I thought I was going to be there most of the day scratching the rough the sand but it did not take me too long, only about 10 minutes or so, before ………voila, I found it!!  Well, I say that I have found the diamond, either that or the jeweller is going to laugh his head off at the very small piece of glass/sand that I hand over to him!!

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