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Time for a change

August 19, 2015

Ron & Jan joined us at Whakapirau for the weekend. Now this friendship goes back quite a number of years, as Roy and Janet started school together just a few years ago at Cockle Bay and they have kept the friendship going for over 65 years!!! We attended their 50th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the year which you can read about here. I forgot to take any pictures as we were too busy catching up and doing far more important things.

It was a lovely weekend, the weather wasn’t all that wonderful and the netball wasn’t much better but we managed to keep ourselves well entertained playing cards most of the weekend. Our game of choice is Samba, a three pack Canasta style of game, which we all really enjoy playing except when some people seem to get dealt complete Sambas (I did leave the table at that point …..hmmmm?!) or a proliferation of Jokers but in any case it was all great fun and hopefully we can do it all again soon.

The rest of our time here at Whakapirau has been spent pottering around doing the odd job here and there, and generally keeping out of mischief. Roy even went fishing off the wharf the other day. If you click on the photo below and zoom in, you may be able to make out Roy at the end of the wharf.image

We are about to hand over the reigns to our housesitting duties as we have sub contracted out our job to Pat & Sue (with the blessing of Jacky & Chris) as Roy & I are off to Melbourne for a bit of a holiday. I know, we lead such stressful lives that we need a holiday but someone has to do it!