Honey, we’re home!

We landed safe and unwell, late on Monday evening then drove straight up to Whakapirau to resume our hosuesitting duties.  Now I say that we arrived unwell as we both returned from Melbourne with the flu and it’s rather a nasty wee bug that materialises into bronchitis and pneumonia hence I am not feeling particularly flash at the moment.  Therefore any promise of blog entries of our Melbourne sojourn have been well and truly put on the back burner until I regain some energy ……and the ability to breathe effortlessly would also help!


2 Responses to “Honey, we’re home!”

  1. Liz Burrett Says:

    Takw care the two of you. Get a bit of that Winterless North .🌾😷

  2. ciotach72 Says:

    Sigh – the same thing happened to us on our recent Aust. trip – the worst fly and bronchitis I’ve ever had, and i managed to pass it on to Dave and then to my daughter and her husband as well. 4 weeks later I’ve only just stopped coughing. Best wishes for a complete recovery – it will take time.

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