Uretiti and a bother!

We have been at Uretiti just over a week now, and it’s just about time to move o and we will move tomorrow, initially to Whangarei where we ned to get a COF (Certificate of Fitness) for the van.   But back here at Uretiti we have tried our hand at fishing again and the weather was just perfect on Sunday for a day on the beach.

A glorious day

Time to send out the kite, this was our newly reskinned kite that we had only just got back from the kite maker after our previous mishap of shredding it to pieces, the pictures of that are here.  Whilst waiting for the kite to take our line out, I noticed something rolling around in the surf…

On closer inspection, it was a baby seal having a nice snooze in the shallows.  We just hoped that it was not scaring away all the fish.

We set the line out about 1.5km and settled back to await the snapper that was bound to be taking all the bait on the line.  Roy even went for a bit of a paddle

However, things don’t always go to plan and today was not going to be any different.  All of a sudden the line became very taut and the reel was pulled forward, oh dear, what was going on here, have we caught something really big….yes indeed, we certainly had caught something big – a speeding boat!!! Although it did not seem to slow the boat down, all of a sudden, the line went slack and the kite disappeared from view.  It seems the boat caught the line twisted it a zillion time before the line broke, releasing the kite, the dropper rig, the baited traces (and any fish that just happened to be on there).  Bother, or words that effect.

We hauled in what remained of the line with the last 500m of it coming back very twisted, stretched and abraded. 

The ruined line looking very pale and the worse for wear. Now we just have to set about sorting out replacing it all. Heavy sigh, what a nuisance!

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