Time spent at Matai Bay

I am becoming really slack at this blogging lark, I never remember to take photos and there seems to be enough to do in a day to keep me busy.  Of course this past few weeks has meant some very early mornings to watch rugby games, some mornings it has been a 2am start through to the 4am and 5am starts.  Up until the quarter finals we have had a few people joining us to watch it live on Sky, however as the tournament has progressed then All Black games have been broadcast on free to view TV which for me has meant, no need to get out of bed to watch the games as we also have a TV in the bedroom, and without others joining us I don’t have to get up and get dressed! Roy and I also enjoy watching all the games, not just the All Blacks, so it has been a bit of some early morning marathons.  In between the rugby there has also been the Netball to watch, and what with fishing and/or chores to do during the days, sleep has been in short sharp bursts!!

We did not go out fishing over the long weekend though, as there was a fishing tournament on in the area, which meant there was a large number of boats out and about. We are just a little nervous these days about lots of boats around our kite lines, so best to wait until everyone else returns to their working lives.  Although, that does not mean we have been without out fish, we have been given some snapper from some fellow motorhomer said, and other friends gave us some lovely fresh bluenose.  Then the other day campers who were in for the weekend gave us a lovely crayfish.


Crayfish just out of the pan


Enjoying every last tasty morsel.

We have managed to get a few jobs done on the van that we have been meaning to do for a while.  One was to install a shelf along the back of the two seater which tidies up that area nicely…..of course I have not taken a photo of it but I will do at some stage.  Outside we have gained a locker,  one of the external lockers contained a radio and CD player, speakers, iPod dock,  TV aerial and plug in point plus a 12v plug – the only thing we have used – we do not need to broadcast our choice of music to all and sundry, unlike some with their “doof-doof” music played loudly for all to suffer.  Anyway, we have now removed the entertainment section and gained another locker, which was quickly filled with the rest of the tools and other essential bits that were scattered in various hides holes throughout the van.  I have also had the labelling machine out so now everything is suitably labelled.  The screen door latch has been fixed – it was not catching properly.  The fishing gear has been tidied and refined and a few other odd jobs have been done.

We are now in Kaitaia for a day or two as we get some maintence work done on the van, then we will be heading back out to Matai Bay and its environs to continue relaxing and fishing.


One Response to “Time spent at Matai Bay”

  1. Alex Says:

    You mean you’re not going down to Auckland for the welcome home parade!?

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