On our own again

Sometimes, getting what you want or need is not easy.  We needed a small part (bushes – for those of you who understand technical speak) for the steering anti sway bar  on the van.  Now our van is purpose built Ford chassis therefore parts for the motor and chassis should not be a problem in sourcing them in New Zealand even though the van is American in origin. However, it seemed that Ford in New Zealand were not being terribly helpful, so plan B was put into effect.  A quick search online and within the hour new bushes were ordered from the USA, and despatched  we are told, and will be delivered to Kaitaia Tractors  who will be doing the job within the next couple of weeks.  (Actually, they arrived Friday, just 8 days after ordering them from the States). So what are we to do in the meantime? Head back out to Matai Bay of course.

Over the weekend we went fishing again, this time four good sized snapper came in on the first haul, and not being greedy we decided that that was more than enough for us to share between us, Pat & Sue, and also give some to our neighbours in the camp.  Of course there was another event on that weekend, which made for an early start to Sunday morning.  Pat & Sue joined us to cheer on the All Blacks, and cheer loudly we did, what a fabulous game.  Nearly as good as the Silver Ferns game on Friday evening which I watched on my own from midnight through to the wee small hours!  But a great end to a wonderful weekend.  

We went out fishing a couple of times last week, the first time was just a little disastrous as no sooner had we got the kite up and the traces in the water when the wind suddenly dropped, meaning the line stopped going out and instead the traces hooks and bait were being tossed around in the surf, next the wind changed course heading back toward the beach, a very strange sight seeing your kite suddenly appearing over the top of your head. We decided to reel it all in, which is when we discovered that the washing machine action of the surf had tangled the line with the traces wrapped around themselves.  We removed all the traces, gathered the tangled line and returned to the van where we spent the next hour or so untangling and rewinding the line onto the reel.  Never mind, next time would be better we told ourselves.

And sure enough just a day later we went out fishing, again with fickle winds but this time we returned with no tangles and two very good sized snapper as well as a bucket load of Tuatuas.  A much better result, easpecialy since once we were on the beach three other lots of people came along and set  out their flashy torpedoes with not one of them returning with any fish!   Not only were the fish biting, so were the sand flies, with one of us proving particularly tasty. 

Now on to the reason behind the heading of this blog entry, last Monday morning Pat & Sue departed Matai Bay to  Auckland airport where they caught a flight to Melbourne to visit family for a few weeks. The four of us have basically been travelling together since May so it will feel a little strange for a while whilst we are on our own. It’s not often you come across friends with whom you can be with over many months and still come out as good friends at the end of it all!! We are due to catch up again once they return from their trip, as we shall be at Shakespear Park by then resuming our camp host duties then it won’t be long before they will be off to spend Christams with family down in Foxton. Fishing will not be quite the same without Pat & Sue assisting us with hauling in our line and sharing the spoils however we shall miss their good company more than anything.   But it won’t be long before we are travelling together again soon.  Besides, we are not really on our own, as other motorhoming friends have found where we are hiding and are making sure we are not lonely!!


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