Christmas morning started as relaxed as it should be with a lovely loooooong breakfast.  Friends of Steve & Leslie joined us for the festivities and Antony had stayed the night before as well so we had a lovely lively chatter at our breakfast table with Moët the refreshment de jour which seemed fitting to accompany the freshly baked croissants, Camembert, jambon and the other usual bits and pieces.  

After the guests had left,  Leslie and   I set about putting together dessert for the Christmas Day meal.  We had made a wreath shaped pavlova the day before so that was just a case of assembling the decoration to be put on later, a fresh berry fruit salad with a lime dressing but our piece de resistance was to be a croquembouche.  Whilst Leslie filled the choux buns, I cracked on with making the caramel to “glue” the buns together as well as having a go at making some spun sugar decorations.  

As you can see from the results below, we ended up with a stunning centre piece. 

 The cherries were also dipped into the caramel and placed in between the buns, making it all look very Christmassy and I must say that we had so much fun flicking the caramel around to make the spun sugar threads.

     The pavlova wreath in all its glory.

Lunch was ably prepared by Fran, Erin and Sarah, with a beautifully cooked turkey making the centrepiece.

The rest of the day was enjoyed playing silly but hilariously funny games that Santa had delivered as well as playing our secret Santa, swapping presents with the other adults to great success.  A wonderful day.  


One Response to “Festivities”

  1. Barry Says:

    You’ve set the culinary standard for when we next visit. Best wishes for the New Year. Sandra & Barry

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