Life as camp hosts provides us with varied days, we get asked for all sorts of information such as where to get gas bottles filled, to which walking tracks take, what time do the gates close and everything in between.  Campers come looking for all sorts of things to borrow or use, everything from a needle, to scissors, pens, and even a cooking stove!

 This summer, we are supplying power for people to charge up their phones and iPads etc, all for a gold coin donation to SOSSI (Shakespear Open Sanctuary Supporters Inc) .  At this time of the year, our solar panels generate enough energy to keep our batteries full to capacity and some, so we turn on the inverter – which converts the power from the batteries to 230v – we have an external power point to which we have plugged in a multi plug unit and people come along, plug in their device and charge it up.  I have to say that we have made a small fortune so far for SOSSI, as well as making for some happy campers.  Although we have had to put a sign up to say that it is solar generated power therefore only available during daylight hours and when the sun is shining, some people have been turning up and 7am wanting power!!  They get a bit of a grumpy response from me being woken at that hour  I have to say but a sign with the hours available has corrected that.  A few days of rain put a dampner on our charging capabilities but we were quickly back to normal again once the rain stopped.  

Speaking of rain, we had a deluge over New Year’s Day, and plenty of strong winds that saw many in the camp pack up and leave, but a hardy 60 or so campers remained and sat out the horrible weather.

  The view out of the window 
We didn’t seem to have had it as bad as some parts of the country, with only a couple of gazebos getting blown apart and we did not have as much rain as was predicted, besides, it drained away very quickly. 

  The following day, this was the view.
Another day saw Roy being asked if he could fix a bell on one of the kids bikes, soon he was surrounded by eagle eyed onlookers, with  the bell being repaired and some happy children off zooming around the camp on their bikes.  

 Bike workshop!  
 Experts abound.

Life certainly isn’t dull, and we meet some very interesting people.  We are greeted by returning campers from last year like long lost friends, and have shared drinks, and the occasional meal as well.  

Today we have had a bit of another exodus of campers as heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow . As many folk are back to work next week, the thought of having to pack up wet gear in the rain and wind is not exactly appealing, so today saw many packing up their dry gear and heading home.


One Response to “Hosting ”

  1. Robin & Jenny Benton Says:

    What a great idea to provide a charging service, and all proceeds going to a good cause too! Most people just can’t live without their phones, can they?

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