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Some people

January 14, 2016

Some people are a worry.  Over the past few days we have had a few interesting “incidents”.  It started off when I (Bernice) put my back out, I managed to do this very easily by picking up a bucket of water and twisting around at the same time.  Ouch!  I must say that it was abrather painful event and continues to be so.   I could hardly stand up let alone walk any distance without looking like an old woman with a severe stoop!  Rest, painkillers and anti inflammatory cream was the recipe for recovery, the first two of which I could happily administer myself but I had to trust Roy with the applicationof the cream.  It all went well for the first few days, I rested as best I could without aggravating things and the painkillers helped a little.  Roy was very good at rubbing in the anti flam ointment, very carefully applying the cream without inflicting too much pressure thus making by back even more painful.  That was until one evening, when he was half way through rubbing in the ointment he said “oh no this doesn’t feel right”.   Well, what is girl supposed to think? A lump? A rash? What’s wrong, I asked?  Oh damn, says he, I’ve used the wrong tube of ointment, I thought I grabbed the Voltaren gel but instead I’ve used the Polident!!  For those of you not au fait with such things, Polident is a denture fixative and now my back was covered with the stuff.  Yes, I did see the funny side of it and no, I have not discovered a new cure for backache!

On Sunday, friends Colin & Edwina arrived to stay at Shakepsear for a week, they had booked a few months ago before they knew that we were in fact returning to be Camp Hosts.  Once the greetings were over and a site sorted for them to set up camp, we set about helping them put up their tents and gazebo.  It did not take us too long to get everything ship shape, by then it was time to have some lunch.  As we were sitting at the table having lunch, Roy seemed to be constantly asking us to repeat everything being said, I noticed that I could not see his hearing aid in his left ear so asked him why he hadn’t put his hearing aids in today. Oooops, and bugger, yep, you guessed it, he had lost his hearing aid.  Well, it must be around Colin & Ed’s tent somewhere having been knocked out when he was crawling around under the tent.  After much searching without any luck, we resigned ourselves to the fact that it was well and truly lost and at cost of over $7000 per aid, it is not exactly a cheap exercise to replace them.  It did not make it any easier to find when we realised that it could have been lost at any time during the morning and anywhere within the camp as earlier in the day he had gone for for a walk wearing his headphones, and we presumed that when he has stopped to talk to people and removed his headphones that he may well have dislodged it at any time.

With lots of other campers coming and going throughout the day it was soon time for Roy to do his afternoon rounds.  This consists of welcoming in new campers and making sure everyone knows where essential amenities are located and answering any questions people may have.  Today though, he also asked campers to please keep an eye out for the missing hearing aid, and also saying that we would happily offer a reward to anyone finding it.  Well, that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon as the children of the camp (around 60 of them) took it upon themselves to do a thorough search of the camp ground.  We had a constant stream of small groups of children coming to ask where did Roy think he last had it, or could they search around the van, or has anyone found it yet.  Their diligence and eagerness was just delightful to see, I guess it was a new form of treasure hunt.  But by the time evening and darkness descended on the campground, the hearing aid was still missing.  Heavy sigh.

Next morning and the search continued with a constant stream of people stopping by to see if it had been located, and the head Ranger Bruce was going to come later in he day with his new metal detector to see if he could locate it.   Colin had crawled all through their tents feeling through the floor to see if it was under their tent, he found lots of twigs and foliage but alas no hearing aid.  We had previously executed a throrough search through the van, looking in all the usual places; beside the bed, in the bed and under the mattress, on the floor in the bedroom and bathroom, in the kitchen and living areas, under chairs, down the sides of chairs, everywhere you could think of all without any luck. Then Roy got down on the floor to have a look under his desk which is set into the front dashboard and what do you know? There, right at the very front tucked into a deep dark corner …….there it was!  Phew, relief all around.  and a collective woohoo from the campers as well, life could return to normal status. 

Some people eh?

PS.  Another search for a damn hearing aid was again mounted this morning….I definitely put it here he said! …….but no, it was found elsewhere!