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Final week

February 13, 2016

Where oh where has the time disappeared?  It’s our final week at Shakespear this week, we have made the decision that it’s time to move on even if the Rangers here would ideally like us to stay on until after Easter.  We have things to do and places to see!  So if any of our regular readers  and friends want to visit us then this week will be your last opportunity.  Steve & Pat (we kept running into them up north) are arriving tomorrow and they will stay a few days, as well Steve & Les will be back again next weekend for a final stay for the summer along with all three of their grandsons this time.

We have a few things to attend to before we finally get underway on our travels, not least repairs to the rear of the van.  Oh did we not mention before that on Christmas Eve we were hit by a German tourist  whilst we were parked up?  To cut a long story short, we were only trying to be helpful, these tourists had just arrived in the country, they had picked up a rental motorhome and driven straight here.  When they arrived at the park (right on dusk) their house battery was flat and no matter what we did, even following the written instructions that came with the motorhome (which bore no semblance to what was actually there), we thought that we would be nice to them so we offered for them to plug into our vehicle and we would charge them up for an hour or two or at least until their fridge started working.  But when they were backing up, they hit the accelerator instead of the brake and whammo, they reversed into the back drivers side end of the van with such great force, we thought we had been shunted off our hydraulic stabilisers.   

Then followed the Monty Pythonesque scene of apologies, tears, and trying to translate via rudimentary schoolgirl German and frantic hand gesticulations we finally got their insurance and rental details.   I shall not get into here about the slack and idle (well known) rental companies who rent out vehicles to people who have just stepped off a plane after a 36+hr flight, who admit that they are exhausted, who then have to contend with driving on the opposite side of the road, in a strange vehicle with instruction booklets that are written in English -it would not take much for them to have other languages available – and with instruction booklets which bear no resemblance of the vehicle they actually have!   We are now in the midst of sorting out insurance repairers, panel beaters & painters, and of course accommodation whilst the van is being repaired. 

Where are we off to?  The Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay,  we had good intentions to get there this time last year but circumstances conspired against us, this time!

Meanwhile, we will enjoy our last week here at Shakespear and yes, we will be back again at the end of the year.