The final hoorah

The last week as camp hosts at Shakespear seems to have disappeared very quickly with not a lot to show for it.  Pat & Steve were with us in the camp all week with Roy & Steve managing to get the kite out off the beach and caching a few snapper.  This was done during the week when no one else was around to annoy with the kite and fishing lines.  It was rather quiet through the week with only the odd tourist or two popping in to the camp, besides the weather turned rather nasty by Thursday when we had torrential rain accompanied by spectacular thunder and lightening which left the camp ground with some small lakes and some very boggy ground in places, not great camping weather.  By Friday afternoon it was drying off nicely and we had a full house again for the weekend.

Steve & Les came with their grandsons Ben, Asher & Finn for the day, mainly to pack up their tent and gear for another year, and for the boys to enjoy a swim or two and some fun with Aunty Bernice & Uncle Roy.  Sunday dawned another stunning day which meant we could start packing up all our gear ready to move the following day as a school had booked out the camp for the week, but by midday the school had arrived a day early to set themselves up ready for the influx on Monday, a bit cheeky of them especially as there were other campers booked in, but we decided to pack up straight away and head on out……to the Self Conatined Motorhome parking area at the front of the Park!

He we stayed for a couple of nights whilst we attending to the never ending list of chores.  However, we did have a visit on Tuesday from Caroline, he daughter of dear friends Wade & Lindsay  from our Tokoroa days.  Caroline brought her 8month old son Luca to meet us, a delightful wee man who is obviously well loved.  

The end to our three months at Shakspear, but I’m sure it won’t seem long until we are back again in late November.

3 Responses to “The final hoorah”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    Hoorah, then (or should that be ‘hooroo!’?)

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