Stone the crows!

We had always planned to leave Shakespear Park on Thursday.  We were well prepared to do the final pack up and slowly head off across the bridge, although not too far, just to Ardmore where the NZ Motor Caravan Association has a parking area for members.  It’s about an hour and a half in journey time, depending on traffic, so not a long haul and we can get a few bits and pieces done whilst we are here such as go to our Dr for our annual checkups, collect mail from our PO Box, do last minute shopping and catch up with friends.  But then we got a call from our son Antony. It seems he had been just been taken via ambulance to Middlemore Hospital with terrible abdominal pain radiating through his back and groin.   He had waited until a reasonable hour to call us at 8.30am so  we quickly packed up, bade a hasty farewell to the Park Rangers until later in the year and hurried on over to Ardmore which fortunately is not too far from either Antony’s home or Middlemore.  

We were being kept updated on his condition on our trip over, and by the time we had arrived and parked up at Ardmore he was feeling much better with the pain dissipating, although that could well have been the drugs talking!  It seems that it all started in the early hours of the morning whilst he was at work -he works for Counties Manukau Police – he was sent home from work as he was not looking too good.  He told us later that he got within a km of home and thought he wasn’t going to make it home as the pain was intensifying.  But make it he did.  He then googled when the local emergency clinic opened which was not until 8am (this was at 6am) so in all his wisdom he decided that he needed to call an ambulance.  A nurse assessed him over the phone before despatching an ambulance .  It was obvious he was not good so he was given painkillers whilst they loaded  him into the back of the ambulance.  They had not gone too far when they realised he was getting worse so they then had to call out another ambulance with a paramedic on board to meet them half way to the hospital so that they could administer intravenous morphine as the nitrous gas,  tramadol, and other drugs were not working and the pain was getting worse!  

By the time we arrived and parked  at Ardmore we waited to hear from Antony what he need us to do, whether we had to rush in to the hospital collecting toiletries, clothes etc along the way for him or whether we could pick him up.  We waited and waited, meanwhile Antony said the pain was easing but he was waiting on test results to see if they could work out what was wrong.   Our initial thoughts were that he had appendicitis or something similar but after spending all day in the hospital they finally diagnosed that he  had an acute episode with kidney stones.  As anyone who has experienced kidney stones will tell it is a rather painful experience.  And the prognosis? Well, as this was his  first occurance of kidney stones and  the fact that the pain had subsided completely, they released him that evening.  So off we went to pick him up, he did look, and probably felt, the worse for wear, but he was happy to be out of pain as well as out of hospital.  He is off work for the next few days to ensure a full recovery.

We intend to be around Ardmore for a few more days before starting our journey southwards. Meanwhile Mum can do her “thing” and cook up a storm, wash everything in sight and tidy,  and Dad can mow lawns, tidy around the section and we can both generally annoy hell out of Antony until he will be pleased to see the back of us! 


2 Responses to “Stone the crows!”

  1. Liz Burrett Says:

    Wish Ants well. Kidney stones are extremely painful.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Hello there,
    i saw your post on the forum regarding blinds.

    Would you mind telling me what option you went with and how it has worked out?

    We have a Mazda T3500 and need to replace the curtains but don’t want to have to pay through the nose to do it.

    I see on the link you provided that they have single and double cell options and other possibilities we are just not sure whcih one might be best for us.

    If you can email me i would appreciate it

    Many thanks


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