The best laid plans…

Plans are constantly on the move with the Vannini’s this past week. But firrst of all an update on Antony, he is is well recovered from his painful kidney stone episode and returns to work this week.  Meanwhile Mum has filled the freezer, washed everything in sight, ironed said washing, cleaned and tidied whilst Dad has mowed lawns, sprayed weeds and swept paths. Done.

Saturday -we had a funeral to attend for friend Janet’s brother Douglas who died suddenly last week.  Why is it that you tend to catch up with far too many friends at funerals?  Lovely to catch up with friends, but not the circumstances in which we gathered.  Although a very sad occassion, Douglas was farewelled in a very fitting manner. At this point we had planned to get underway on our next adventure on Tuesday….lets see how that turned out!!   

Sunday -we went to see Ron & Janet for a quiet catch up before we leave Auckland, it turned out to be a very busy day as we helped them sort out a few things but filled the day with lots of good conversation,  putting the world to rights and lots of laughter.    

Monday – time for our annual medical WoF with our Doctor but  first we had to fight the traffic to get there ….aarrrggggh! An hour and a half for what should have been a 20minute trip, no wonder both of us had slightly raised blood pressure.  But I did brave the question of getting my knees replaced (finally ) as I have successfully managed to put this off for nearly 10 years now but sometimes you suddenly realise that there comes a point when you need to have them done to regain some quality of life without pain and limited mobility.  The wheels are set  in motion for this to be done, once I got over the shock of the cost of it – $35,000/knee – even though medical insurance will cover most of it, it will still be an expensive exercise.  Need for X-rays, tests etc so review plans, now plan to leave Wednesday.  Settle down for the evening only to discover that the TV would not work, or more to the point the satellite dish was not picking up the signal so tomorrow we go to get it fixed at RSE – a specialist RV TV and satellite business nearby. 

Tuesday – Roy goes out to continue assisting Ron & Janet with sorting out matters whilst I head off to have X-rays and blood tests done, being chauffeured around by Antony.   I had tried to have the blood tests taken on Monday afternoon however after many attempts by two nurses they could not get any blood from me! I  left feeling ratherlike a pin cushion so back again today where this time success (amazing what happens if you remember to drink lots of water).   Shopping done and Roy returns in time to take the van into RSE for them to look at the satellite dish, we get as far as the gate at Ardmore to discover we have a flat tyre, or should I say two flat tyres! Both inside rear tyres have mysteriously got holes in them so call out the men from Carters Tyres to sort out for us.  We call RSE to reschedule repairs until later in the day.  Carters duly turn up very promptly only to discover they have to get in replacement tyres from another source which won’t be here until tomorrow. We ring RSE and change appointment to tomorrow.

Wednesday – tyres due around 2pm.  Roy and Antony take in Ant’s car to garage for scheduled repairs, Roy returns to van for the day to await new tyres, Bernice heads to Antony’s for the day to get a few things done.  Roy rings to say tyres now due at 4.30pm so RSE reschedule for tomorrow at 1pm.  Tyres changed, sorted, checked and done very quickly and efficiently.   Now leaving tomorrow afternoon…….hopefully.

Thursday (today) – about to pack up and head off to dump station, fill up with petrol and LPG before heading to RSE where we hope (fingers crossed), that it is an easy repair and we can get underway later this afternoon.  First stop Kopu where the insurance repairs for the mishap with the German tourists can be sorted.  

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment which we trust will not be exciting, with nothing further to report, and we are safely on our way.  Fingers crossed. 

2 Responses to “The best laid plans…”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    May the next few days of your life be filled with tedium and boredom! There is such a thing as too much excitement.

  2. Hawkes Bay | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] tyre, one of a pair that were not changed after the last blowouts, read about what happened here.  We were just 10km from Havelock North so we carefully drove into the dump station on the […]

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